This is my first ever blog post! I wanted to write about beauty and skin care for women over 40. There is so much out there by, and for, younger women but not much for more mature women who still love makeup and trying to look their best. I have learned a lot from watching them on YouTube but much of it does not apply to me.

My love affair with makeup began when I was in middle school. I can still remember the smell of Covergirl foundation! I have experimented with many brands and styles through the years. I wear a “full face” every day and feel naked without my makeup. I have recently made significant changes and have gotten many compliments on the new look. I have oily/combo skin and shine is an ongoing issue for me even at my age.

I also love skincare products. My golden rule is to never go to bed without washing my face. Now I use a multitude of products morning and night. I am fighting aging, dark spots, and loss of elasticity. I am currently using Clinique 3 step in the morning. At night I use Clinique as well. I wash with soap and the Sonic Face Brush followed by the exfoliating lotion. These are in formula 3 for combo/oily skin. Then I use the Smart Serum and Nighttime Turnaround moisturizer. I use a Clinique eye cream morning and night.

In this blog I want to share what works for me and hear about what works for you! I will review products that I use and do an “Empties” post each month. These will be products that I finished that month with a short review of each product. I am very excited and hope that other people enjoy what I write.

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