Review : Avon Skin So Soft gelled body oil



I stumbled upon this little gem purely by accident. I am always on the lookout for a good skin moisturizer and try new ones all the time. In the winter my legs, hands, torso, and feet get so dry. This product has taken care of winter dryness.

This is my Holy Grail skin moisturizer. It keeps my feet so soft and smooth all year round. They always look like I just had a pedicure. They feel amazing and don’t make scratchy sounds when I put on my socks.

I use this each morning after my shower. I put it on my feet and legs. I typically use scented lotion on my upper body. I am using the Signature Silk scent gelled body oil right now. It comes in a gold tube with 6.7 fl. oz. in it. When you catch it on sale it is about $4 and lasts me about a month.

It comes out of the tube thick and jelly-like. Although it is thick and an oil it melts into your skin and is absorbed on contact. You can get dressed pretty quickly after application as it does not leave behind any greasy residue.I like the smell which is a light, floral scent. It is not heavy or overpowering.

I honestly cannot recommend this product highly enough. What it has done for my feet is nothing short of miraculous. They have not been this soft and smooth in years. I use this stuff faithfully every day and it gives me results. It is one of my all time favorite body products ever.

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