Exfoliating Facial Wipes Review


I purchased these at my local Dollar Tree. I figured that there was no reason not to try them when you get 40 wipes for a dollar.  I liked that they were alcohol free and promised to exfoliate my face while removing my makeup. I have now used roughly half the package. I just cannot even finish it.


As you can see, the wipes are a nice size. They are more than big enough to do the job. They are also quite wet even half way trough the pack. I did keep them in a zip lock baggie to help prevent them from drying out.. There was no real smell to the cloths and they did not irritate my face or break me out.


The cloth itself was rough as the picture shows. It was thick, rough, and not at all absorbent feeling. It looked as though it was cleaning well enough. There was makeup on the cloth but after using the cloth and washing my face there was still residue on the cotton ball after using my toner.

I guess for the price I cannot complain too much. It did remove a lot of makeup and did no damage to my skin. Still I don’t see myself buying this product again. The texture of the cloth was just all wrong for me. An exfoliating wipe can be soft too. This one just is not. I did get my money’s worth, I guess, but I think I will try something a little more expensive next time.

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