Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Review

I received a free sample from Secret and BzzAgent to try this product. It is an invisible solid that says it goes on dry and stays dry. It promises to give you 48 hour odor protection while going on smoothly and easily. It is supposed to provide prescription strength wetness protection and adapt to your personal needs.

The product does go on smoothly and easily. It went on without leaving white streaks on my  clothes.  The scent was fresh and I really liked it. It did go on dry and did not feel sticky or uncomfortable. You could get dressed immediately after application.

I stayed dry and fresh smelling all day. At the time I was sampling the product it was unusually cool here in Vrgina. The temperatures stayed in the 60’s. This did not allow me to see how it would work under very high temperatures. It worked under cool conditions quite well.

My only issue with the product was that it falls out of the container when it gets near the end. I was not able to use all the product and that always annoys me. Although this was free, it felt like a waste to leave so much unused.  I may buy it and try the full size when it gets hot again. I use regular Secret in cool weather and switch to Degree in the summer because it keeps me dryer. I prefer Secret but the regular version just does not keep my dry when it gets hot and humid. This might do the trick.

Overall, I  was satisfied with this Secret product and am happy that Secret and BzzAgent gave me the chance to try it free. I would give it 3.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it.

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