November Ipsy Bag Review




I got my November Ipsy Bag on the 14th.  The theme for November is Beauty Blast. This is a monthly subscription service that is $ 10 per month and you can cancel at any time.  I have gotten some products that I really like and some that I did not. The items in this month’s bag are :

Hello  Gorgeous Makeup Paper Travel Blush – this is in the color Sicily and it looks like there are five sheets in the packet. Per the directions tap or rub paper up apples of cheeks. For more color payoff, repeat motion with more pressure.  One sheet is good for both cheeks. This is an odd concept and I wasn’t sure  how it would work. I have used it once and it works better that I expected. Even though it did work I don’t know that it is something I would buy. I prefer applying my blush with a brush.

Avance Matti flying Emulsion MT+ Sheer Primer – Pore Refiner – this is designed to act against shine. Provides skin with an instant “velvety” touch effect and a long lasting Mattifying effect. This is the item I am most excited about in this month’ s bag. I love primers and use one every day. I think it helps my makeup go on more easily and last longer. I am always looking for a good primer that reduces the look of pores. I tried this primer and it felt different going on than the primers I have used in the past. It left my face feeling tacky rather than smooth and silky. I don’t know that it reduced the look of my pores all that much but it did keep my makeup in place all day long.

Trestique Mini Matte Lip Crayon – in the color Nantucket Nude. This is a very light color and pale nudes don’t work on me. When I put it on I can barely see it. I may try layering it with a brighter color to see how that works. My initial impression is not good.

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara – in the color Jet Black. This is my first Smashbox product and I’m looking forward to trying it. The brush is big and thick and I like that in a  mascara brush.

J. Cat Beauty Skinny & Long Eye Pencil – The color is dark gray. It goes on smoothly and has good color payoff. My issue is that I primarily use liquid eyeliner so I don’t have much use for a pencil. It is a full size product. It did not go on  my eyes as smoothly as it swatched on my arm. It tugs at the eyes but the color is good. It looks black on my eyes.

I like the bag itself. It has bright colors and has a cool outer space scene on it. I am very excited about the mascara and primer. I will definitely get some use out of both of them. The blush papers worked better than I expected but I just don’t care for the concept. The lip crayon is a not a good shade for me and I rarely use eyeliner pencils. Just based on my initial reaction  I would give this month’s bag 3 out of 4 stars.



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