My Take on Sunscreen: Coppertone Oil-Free Faces SPF 50+

Sunscreen is really not optional in any skin care routine. Sun exposure leads to hyperpigmentation and photoaging. It ages the skin on your face so you must protect that skin. The hard part comes when you start looking for the perfect facial sunscreen. One that won’t make your face look greasy. One that absorbs easily into the skin. One that allows smooth application of makeup. One that won’t clog your pores and cause breakouts.

On the tube it says: Clinically tested on acne-prone skin. Coppertone Oil-Free Faces sunscreen lotion provides sun protection that won’t cause breakouts on acne prone skin. The product feels lightweight and absorbs in seconds. It claims it is non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), fragrance-free,  hypoallergenic, PABA free, gentle on skin, non-irritating,and water reistant (80 minutes). 

I have only been using a separate sunscreen on my face for a bit over a year now. I had tried to use foundations with sunscreen but have since learned that it isn’t enough to really protect your face. Then I found City Block by Clinique 13 SPF and used it for a long time. In the spring I started using tretinoin which is the generic for Retin A. You must use sunscreen every day when you are using tretinoin to protect your skin from sunburn and sun damage. To learn more about Retin A / Tretinion Tretinoin (Retin A).

I have tried a number of sunscreens since then trying to find one that meets my needs. I have normal/oily skin that is not overly sensitive. The most important quality I am looking for in a sunscreen is that it not leave my face looking greasy. I hate that!  The second most important quality for me is that it works well with my makeup. I used this sunscreen for a couple of weeks and it doesn’t really work for me.


A full face of makeup with Coppertone Oil-Free Faces 50+ SPF

This is how it looked under my makeup. I used Covergirl Stay Fabulous Outlast Foundation and Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. To see why I love these products see 5 Faves in July. I will use the same foundation and powder for each of the sunscreens I plan to review.

It looks better in the picture than it did in person. It does leave a bit of a shine. It is a thick white lotion sunscreen that takes some rubbing to get it to absorb into the skin. It leaves the skin feeling greasy just like sunscreen on your body only not quiet as heavy. My makeup does apply nicely over it. I will have to give it that.

I used this sunscreen daily for 1-2 weeks so I do have enough information to know how it works for me. It did not make me break out or clog my pores. I just thought that it made me look a little pale and I just got too shiny by the end of the day. I do have normal/oily skin so it may work better for someone with less natural oil on their face.

The thickness of the sunscreen and how it feels on my face are what I dislike most. These are pretty important qualities to me so this sunscreen just doesn’t really work for me day to day. It often leaves my face super shiny by late in the day.  It might work for the beach when you didn’t wear makeup and just needed a high SPF for your face. I will finish this tube because I hate to not finish products that I buy. It may work better in the winter when my skin is less oily. I would not buy this again.



9 thoughts on “My Take on Sunscreen: Coppertone Oil-Free Faces SPF 50+

  1. It must be working 🙂 You don’t look 50-something! I use coocnut oil for my sunscreen and have been for a couple years now. I love it, and it keeps my face smooth!

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