My Take on Sunscreen: Equate Sunscreen Face Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50 (Generic for Cerave Sunscreen Face Lotion)

I finally realized last year that at my age, I need to use a sunscreen on my face. Every. Single. Day.  After starting tretinoin ( generic for Retin-A) in mid-spring I realized that I needed a separate sunscreen every day. Read more about tretinoin here Tretinoin (Retin A). I had been using some Clinique City Block SPF 13 and it had been ok but I needed something higher. You can read My Take on Sunscreen: Coppertone Oil-Free Faces SPF 50.

I purchased the generic for Cerave Sunscreen Face Lotion because I was still searching for my ideal sunscreen. In addition to having to consider my tretinoin use I also have normal/oily skin that even at my age can look shiny later in the day in warm weather. The ideal sunscreen cannot be greasy looking on my skin.

This sunscreen claims to be a Lightweight formula that spreads easily and dries with a clear finish, Water resistant (80 minutes), With ceramides, Oil-free. In an ideal world my perfect sunscreen would be water resistant and oil=free. The Ceramides are a bonus. It is a decent price at under $8 for 2 oz. at Walmart.

I am using Covergirl Stay Fabulous Outlast Foundation and Rimmel Stay Matte Powder which is what I am using for  all my sunscreen reviews. To see why I love these 2 products see 5 Faves in July. I did use this sunscreen for a week or so in order to get a good idea of how it worked (or did not work) for me.


With a full face of makeup


I expected this to be one of the better sunscreens because I had read recommendations for the Cerave version. Boy was I wrong! This sunscreen was the thickest of all that I tried. It looked like paste and was very hard to blend in. I had to work extra hard to blend it in around my hairline, nose, and mouth. It was a very thick formulation.

My makeup did not apply as smoothly or easily as it would without sunscreen. This sunscreen made my face look very pale. Even after applying my foundation it still had a white cast. It was not greasy at all, just thick, and white.

This is one that I will not repurchase. I don’t think that it looks good enough under makeup that I would use it like that again. I guess if I had a foundation that was too dark I could use this under it to lighten it. It is also a good one for the pool or beach when the white cast is not that important. The search for my perfect facial sunscreen continues.

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