Restarting Tretinoin after Vacation: First Month

This is updated with photos to show the flaking.

Makeup and Skin Care for Mature Skin

I went to the beach in South Carolina the week of July 16th. It was hot, humid, and the sun was hot! The sun and Tretinoin do not mix at all and based on my research I stopped using it 1 week before I left and the week I was there. This was to reduce my skin’s sensitivity to sunburn and photoaging. Tretinoin exfoliates old, dead skin to reveal fresh, new skin that burns and ages more quickly with even minimal sun exposure. I do not need any more dark spots on my face.

I followed my normal skin routine while there except for adding in a BHA exfoliating lotion and using an AHA mask that week. BHA and AHA are hydroxy acids which help break the bonds that hold skin cells together to reveal fresh skin. Some people are able to use them once their skin is totally adjusted…

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