Dirty Little Secret Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick Wear Test and Review

This came in my August Boxycharm and I was not expecting to like it at all. See what else I got in that box here.  It is a bright orangey red color called Phantom and not one I would have chosen for myself. However, I forced myself to wear it one Saturday and put it to the test. I had low expectations for it.

I applied it not long before eating lunch. I was pleasantly surprised by this product. It went on very thin but provided opaque, even color. It didn’t take long to dry down completely. It was a bright, orange-red shade but I liked it. It is not something you could wear every day but it is nice when you just want a bright, bold lip.

It dried down quickly into a comfortable matte look. It was not overdrying or tacky. Once it dried there was some transfer onto the straw of my drink at lunch but it wasn’t excessive. I had a stromboli for lunch and it did take the lip color off. As you can see it wore off like you would expect when eating a greasy lunch.

I reapplied after lunch at about 1:30 and wore it the rest fo the day. I did drink and you can see how it transferred in the picture below. I did not eat anything else and the picture is how it looked at around 7:00 that evening. As you can see, it held up very well. The color was still opaque and bright. It did not settle into the lines on my lips and it didn’t dry them out.

I was so pleasantly surprised by this lipstick! I would never have picked this shade if I had been shopping for a new lip product. I like the shade more than I thought I could. I love the formula of this lipstick. It goes on thin and smooth. It quickly dries to a velvety matte like the name says. It is not overly drying  and doesn’t settle into my lip lines. I like it and it sells for $10 on the Dirty Little Secret website. I might consider trying this in a different shade. I like the formula that much. Thank you, Boxycharm!

Have you tried anything in the Dirty Little Secret Line? I have also tried a single eyeshadow that you can read about it here. What are your favorite liquid lipsticks?

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6 thoughts on “Dirty Little Secret Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick Wear Test and Review

  1. if you like matte lip products a good one you should try is NYX matte lipstick, i loveeee them- goes on smoothly with a matte finish or if you like gloss my every day go to is the NYX matte lip suede! they stay on, doesnt run off and matte(:

    xo, JJ


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