Clarisonic Mia 2 v Clinique Sonic System

I originally purchased the Clinique Sonic System in July 2015. I had started using the Clinique 3 Step system and this system had just been introduced. The initial reviews were good and I thought it was a good addition to my skincare routine. The pretty purple polka dotted one was a special edition sold only at Lord & Taylor’s. Of course, I had to have the purple one!

I really liked the Clinique sonic brush. The handle vibrated and that made the head vibrate against the skin. At that time, Clinique only had 1 brush head available. Now they have added a deep cleaning brush head for acne. The brush was not harsh and left my skin so soft after using it. I used it with my Clinique cleanser for combo/oily skin and the Clinique cleansing bar for combo/oily skin.

I did think that had a positive effect on my skin. It felt softer, smoother and totally clean. I loved how the pointy shape of the head let me get into the corners around my nose. I’m pretty sure that area had never been so clean. When I put on toner after cleansing the cotton pad came away with no makeup residue. It effectively cleaned my face.

My biggest issue with the Clinique system was the lack of brush heads. Clarisonic has so many different types of brush heads. They address different skin types and conditions. Clinique has 1 size that is supposed to fit all. I think it might be a little harsh for dry skin because they don’t offer softer brush heads.

I did a lot of research on the Mia around Christmas. I bought my first one on Ebay for $70. It was new and still in the box. I ordered some generic brush heads so I would have options as my skin’s needs changed. I used the normal skin brush, the sensitive skin brush, the deep pore brush and the cashmere brush head. The Mia’s head actually vibrates, not the body. It feels so light on your skin but it cleans deep down.

I actually had to reduce my use from daily to every other day during the dry winter months. It was cleaning my skin so deeply that it was drying out.  I even switched to Purity cleanser by Philosophy. I went to daily use again in the spring and used it daily until I started tretinoin in April. Daily use was just too much.

I now have all the Clarisonic brush heads so I can change as needed to address specific skin issues. I use it 3 nights a week to avoid flaky skin. I love my Mia 2 and think that it keeps my skin deep down clean. Getting my skin totally clean is the first step in ensuring that all my skincare products are able to penetrate and work their magic.

They are both good facial brushes and work well. I don’t think that the Clinique would work as well for dryer skin.They do have a gentle head now but I have never tried it.  It would be great for oily skin because it gets to the pores and cleans them out.

The Mia 2 has more features, in addition to a big range of brush heads. It has 2 settings that let you choose how much you want the brush to vibrate. There is a gentle setting and a normal one. The Mia 2 also has a timer that beeps when it is time to move on to a different area of the face. This way you know you have cleaned each area equally.

These are both great skin cleansing systems. They do get your skin cleaner than just using a washcloth and cleanser. They can both be used with a variety of cleanser so you can choose the best one for your skin type. The Mia 2 has a few more features and the variety of brush heads.

I prefer my Mia 2 because of all the brush choices and the 2 settings. It also works equally well with all skin types. You just get the brush head that works best for your skin type. If you are like me, you will need more than 1 brush head to address skin changes.  I found the Clarisonic 2 for $104.00 with a sensitive brush head, a trial sized hydrating cleanser, and a travel case. The Clinque Sonic System is $89.50 and comes with the regular brush head. The Mia 2 is definitely the better bargain, in my opinion.

Do you have either of these? Which do you like best?

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