October 2016 Empties

Whew, another month has gone by and I have so much stuff! Each month I think I won’t have many empties and every month I fill up my little can. Every month I am amazed at  what all I do go through. This month feels like even more than usual.



Konjac Sponge – Promises to: Gently exfoliates to bring back the natural glow of the skin, killing acne-causing bacteria to make sure your skin in a silky smooth state,  Effectively balance the PH of the skin,  Extra soft features are ideal for delicate and sensitive skin, Naturally moisturizes the skin,ideal for the people with atopic skin disorders(hypersensitive skin). I use Tretinoin (Retin-A ) and this helps with the flakiness it can cause. If you want to know about my personal experience with tretinoin see here and  here. I use the sponge in the morning with my usual cleanser. It is very gentle exfoliation and does not leave my face feeling dry or tight. I have already repurchased.

Épicé Hydrating Facial Mask is a truly invigorating, yet gentle, way to exfoliate, detoxify and remove environmental impurities from the skin. Your skin will be left looking brighter and more radiant. Rich in antioxidants, ceramides and aloe, this Kaolin Clay mask helps to remove dead skin cells and oil while infusing the skin with vital nutrients. Hyaluronic acid is added to help plump, firm and rehydrate the skin. The added benefit of the unique Malus Domestica Swiss Apple Stem Cell extract regenerates cells to provide a long lasting effect. I got this is an Ipsy Bag (see more Ipsy posts here and here). Although it was not a huge tube it lasted forever! I used it about once per week. I like this mask. It is a foamy green consistency with a really nice scent. After rinsing it off my skin  felt so soft and smooth. I really liked it but it sells for $35 which is more than I want to spend on a mask. There are just too many great masks for less.

Farmacy Brightening Coconut Gel Mask – This unique mask combines the power of Echinacea GreenEnvy and farm fresh extracts activated by a bio-cellulose sheet of unprecedented structure and design. Coconut gel provides natural moisture to help skin look fresher and more radiant. Purple Broccoli extract delivers a powerful skin clarifying action due to the varietal’s high level of antizymes, which possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to the benefits of chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals. These antizymes are thought to signal the skin to stop the production of inflammatory chemicals that lead to the over-production of melanin, a cause of hyper-pigmentation A 3-pack of these sell for $24 on both their website and Sephora. I can’t see paying that much for them. It was fine but no better than the ones I get on Amazon or at TJ Maxx for $1 per sheet mask. There was no scent so if you have sensitive skin, this would be a good mask for you. I received a full sized package of 3 in a Boxycharm box.

Eco Beauty by La Fresh Group Good Day. Day Moisturizer – Ample hydration helps to bring back fresher and happier skin appearance. Made with collagen-producing peptides, super-hydrating hyaluronic acid, natural cucumber, aloe, antioxidant panthenol (vitamin B), vitamin C & E and an anti-aging botanical complex including maqui berry, licorice root, ginkgo biloba leaf, grape seed & hickory bark. I got this in an Ipsy Bag  a while back. I pulled it out to use after I finished my Clinique Dramatically Different Gel.  I decided to use up all the sample sizes of moisturizer that I have. I really like this one. It is light, yet hydrating. It is readily absorbed into the skin. It didn’t feel heavy or greasy at all. I can see buying this some day. It was a very good daytime mosturizer that works well with makeup.

Marcelle 8 in 1 Power Serum – When inquiring with a Magic 8 Ball about the youth-preserving power of this peptide-packed serum, we have a feeling the answer “Yes” or “Without a Doubt” would appear. This lightweight antiaging gel starts to work in just a week, providing eight transformative benefits in one tube. When it comes to lines, it smooths, provides a filling effect, and visibly reduces even deep wrinkles. It also firms, lifts, and strengthens, while working to boost radiance and improve the texture of your complexion. Even better: It does all of this without parabens, gluten, or fragrance. Use daily for best results.  I got this sample in a Birchbox . I only used this after my Freeman Banana – Oat Smoothing Mask which was a favorite this month. I really never used it consistently enough to see any benefits. It made my face feel good.


Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Concealer + Corrector in Ivory – This 2-in-1 targeted concealer and corrector visibly reduces the look of dark circles, spots, and imperfections for better looking skin in just three weeks. Infused with ACTYL C, an ingredient known for its antioxidant benefits. Dermatologist tested. Ophthalmologist tested. Suitable for sensitive eyes. Suitable for sensitive skin. I really like this concealer. It is my everyday concealer for the hyperpigmentation on my face. It provides decent coverage and lasts all day.

Clinique Stay Matte Oil-Free Makeup in 02  Alabaster – Tested for streaking and fading at 88°F with a constant 80% humidity, all to prove Stay-Matte stays fresh. At the same time, this patent-pending formula absorbs shine, controls oil, resists sweat. And you stay matte all day. This is my go-to summer foundation and it is no surprise that it was one of my 5 Faves in August. This is my primary foundation in the summer. If I use most other foundations I am a shiny mess by the afternoon. With this foundation, I am not. It keeps me matte for hours and hours no matter the heat and humidity. That is why I always keep a tube on hand. I have switched to some of other foundations now that fall is here but I know this is there if I need it.

Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder in 003 Natural – Up to 5 hours natural shine control with natural minerals. Helps minimize the appearance of pores. This is my other        go-to summer shine stopper. This powder is amazing and really does minimize pores all while stopping shine! Of course, it was 1 of my 5 Faves in July. I have switched back to loose powder for the fall but I will repurchase this product.

Maybelline Volum’ Express Pumped Up! Colossal Waterproof Mascara in Classic Black –  Lashes get amplified! The double collagen formula wraps each lash from root to tip for colossal impact, while Maybelline’s biggest brush fills out lashes for a pumped up look.  I bought this on vacation to avoid raccoon eyes in the heat and humidity of South Carolina and Georgia. It was just one of several beauty products I bought. It really does add a lot of volume and it does not budge or smudge all day. My only issue was that the brush got all clumpy and weird looking within a month of opening. It was still usable it was just a little messier.

Avon Glimmersticks Brow Definer in B03 Dark Brown – Define and sharpen your brows with Glimmersticks Brow Definer. Natural color seamlessly defines your eyebrows, giving you a bold beautiful look! The brow pencil is retractable creating a precision point, allowing you to shape your brows to perfection so easily! The liner glides on smoothly and allows you to flawlessly blend into your brows. I liked this ok. The color sometimes looked a little reddish but it went on well. I liked the tip and found it easy to use. I might try it again in a different color.



Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Shower Gel Juniper Breeze – Wash your way to softer, cleaner skin with a rich, bubbly lather bursting with fragrance. Moisturizing Aloe and Vitamin E combine with skin-loving Shea Butter in our most irresistible, beautifully fragranced formula! Breathe in the fresh scent of evergreens in a meadow breeze with notes of juniper leaves & dewy musk.  I like this scent but I won’t be buying any more shower gels until I use up what I have stored in my linen closet.
Degree Dry Protection Invisible Solid in Fresh – Degree Fresh 24-hour dry antiperspirant stick with 24-hour protection – with a bright, sparkling fragrance of pear, raspberry, mandarin and vanilla.  Degree is my go-to summer deodorant. While some women “glow” this girl sweats in the heat and humidity. I need something strong to stay dry and fresh smelling in the heat and humidity and Degree does it for me. I will switch to my fall deodorant now that I finished this. Yes, I have 3 deodorants depending on the season.

JUARA Candlenut Body Creme – Traditional healers of Indonesia weren’t messing around when they pinpointed candlenut oil as a cure for severely dry skin. The centuries-old balm is rich in fatty acids, which makes it a great natural hydrator and all-around skin-smoother. Its velvety formula, inspired by venerable Balinese recipes, penetrates deep into dry, rough skin for instant, nongreasy softness that lasts and lasts. I received a sample tube of this in a Birchbox. Birchbox is a monthly subscription box. You can see what comes in them here,  here, and here. This was a nice creamy, rich product. I used it at nights on my hands and it also smelled wonderful. It had a warm, nutty smell. I really liked it but at $38 for a 7.5 oz tub I won’t repurchase.

Avon Skin So Soft Aroma + Therapy Energizing Body Gel Creme – Energize your senses with the invigorating aroma blend of an orange and peach blossom fragrance. Time-released hydration, leaving skin touchably soft and radiant.  This smells amazing! Just like sweet, juicy peaches with a slight zing from the orange. It is not at as thick as the SSS Gelled Body Oil and does not provide that level of moisturization. It absorbs readily into the skin and does not leave an oily residue behind. I don’t think that Avon still carries this because it was marked down when I bought it.

Zest Fruitboost Revitalizing Shower Gel in Very Berry scent – Zest Fruitboost Revitalizing Shower Gels have a 2x-concentrated formula that revitalizes with moisturizers and antioxidant-rich Vitamin C. With bright, innovative, easy to grab packaging – the first of its kind in the body wash category — every Zest Fruitboost 10oz tube provides up to 40 showers*, making each quarter size-application go a long, long way for superior performance and value. This smells so great. It smells like fresh berries and leaves my bathroom smelling like that long after my shower. It has a rich, creamy lather bursting with the smell of berries. I love this shower gel and have it in 2 other scents.

Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Verbena Body Cream – Be whisked away to your very own paradise with this luscious blend of fresh coconut, lime, and fragrant verbena warmed by vanilla and musk. I liked this scent but you can only get it in hand soap now. This is one less bottle in the linen closet.


L’Oreal Superior Preference Hair Color in UL63 Hi-Lift Gold Brown –  Experience color so luminous, so lasting…with Superior Preference®. Superior Preference® is our true gold standard of color and shine that defies fade-out for up to 8 weeks and covers grays beautifully. Our color protective Care Suprême® Conditioner, is formulated with Golden Camelina Oil, anti-oxidant Vitamin E and a UV filter which helps keep first day color vibrancy and provides soft, luxuriously silky hair. From root to tip, color won’t fade-out, turn dull or brassy. This did not cover gray well at all. I will try something different next time.

Color Me Happy Dry Shampoo – This is for girls with color-treated hair looking to refresh or boost their style with a blast of freshness. Refresh your hair with our dry shampoo formula to get a first-day-clean feel and tantalizingly fresh fragrance. Smells like a valley of Moroccan roses with a passion fruit breeze. I didn’t really like this. It was so hard to spray out and you had to shake the crap out of it after every spray. It smelled nothing like roses which was the main reason I got it in the first place. I finished the bottle but I won’t repurchase. Dove Dry Shampoo is a 1000x better and is the same price.

Attitude Shampoo Volume & Shine – The ATTITUDE hair shampoo volume & shine is made from the best natural ingredients without toxic chemicals. I wasn’t overly fond of the scent of this shampoo. It worked well enough but scent is important to me in a shampoo.

Nature’s Blend Elemental Magnesium 300 mg. – I know that this is not a beauty or skin care product. I am mentioning it to share some information on why I use it. A few months ago I was having leg and foot cramps all the time. I would get them in bed and have to jump out of bed to work them out. During my annual physical I asked my doctor what might be causing it. He told me that I might be low in magnesium and to try a supplement. I did and I have had almost no leg or foot cramps since. If you are having the same problem this might be the answer for you too.
Up & Up Saline Solution for Sensitive Eyes – gentle formula for rinsing and storing contact lenses. I use saline solution so that my contact lens solution lasts longer. When I put my contacts in I use saline solution to rinse them off and my case out. After soaking in solution all night they don’t really need solution to rinse them off. This saves a little bit of money since saline solution is around $2 per bottle and the solution is more like $7 a bottle. It is an easy way to save a bit. I’m not brand loyal and always buy generic saline solution.
I finished a lot of makeup products this month. It is rare for me to use up makeup because I have so much. I made good progress toward my goal of using up all the shower gels and body lotions in my linen closet. I finished 4 full sized bottles! Someday I will have used all mine up so I can buy more.
Have you used any of these products? Did you like them?
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