My First Blogmas Post

I debated whether I wanted to participate in Blogmas or not. I am not sure I will post every day but I am going to try. Even if they are very short posts.  They will not always be beauty or skincare related but I will try to be sure they carry on the Christmas theme.

For today I want to share pictures of how my coworker decorated our office for Christmas. He is a fan of the islands and he decorated with an island theme. He plays a lot of steel drum Christmas carols during the day as well. So although it is starting to get cold here, it feels tropical in our office suite! In case you are interested I am a social worker so it is a suite of social workers.


This is the other tree he brought in. Both trees have leis wrapped around their base to keep with the island theme. I love this little tree! It is so bright and pretty. It makes the whole office look festive.


His fascination with Christmas flamingos began last year when another coworker got him 1 for Christmas. This year he found more so that now he has an entire Christmas flamingo family.

I love what he has done and it has created such a warm, holiday look. It makes it nicer to come in each day and see his lovely decorations!

On Sunday I hope to post with pictures of my Christmas tree.

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