Blogmas #4 – Bold Holiday Lips

I am doing my regular posts during Blogmas but adding in extra ones on the other days. My regular posting schedule is Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. So today is a strictly Blogmas themed post.

During the holiday season,we have an excuse to go bolder and brighter. Many women, myself included, don’t always feel comfortable wearing a bold lip on a daily basis. We wait for special occasions to pull out those shades. I think that the month of December counts as a special occasion!


I decided that shopping on a Saturday was a special occasion. I pulled out my elf Matte Lippie in Rich Red. It would not be my typical choice for a Saturday but tis the season! It is not really matte. It has more of a cream finish but it is a bold color choice. And one that just looks seasonal and festive.

I plan on making bold and bright choices in lip colors this season.I have several red and bold berry shades that seldom see much use and they are perfect for the holidays. So, be brave and bold. Wear those shades that you are saving for a special occasion because this whole month is a special occasion!

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