Blogmas #9 Gift Cards are a Good Gift Option

I know that there are people who do not like to give gift cards for Christmas. They think it is more impersonal than an actual gift. Or they enjoy shopping for the perfect gift and gift cards take that from them. These are all valid concerns.

The advantages of gift cards are numerous. They are never the wrong size, or color, or style. If you are buying for people you won’t see they are easy to mail. You don’t need a lot of packaging to send them out.

Gift cards are available from all types of businesses. It is easy to find something for everyone. Restaurant gift cards are a great idea when you know what restaurants the recipient enjoys. For the reader, you can get a gift card to Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

Most people can use a gift card to Kroger or Walmart or Target. Boys usually enjoy gift cards to Game Stop or something like that. I know mine always did. Theater gift cards are another good choice for people who enjoy going to the movie. And of course for the beauty obsessed you can’t go wrong with an Ulta or Sephora gift card.

If you know the recipient at all it shouldn’t be hard to pick out a gift card that will be appreciated. Do you give gift cards? Do you like getting them?

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