Blogmas #15 – Our Tree

What is Christmas without a tree? We had planned on getting ours up last weekend but my son was sick so we postponed it to this weekend. As luck would have it I am sick this weekend. Apparently what my son has is contagious. But the show must go on and time is running out to get the tree up.

I have always had a real tree and had planned on that this year. The problem is that I have a small car and need someone to transport the tree home for me. That was an issue this weekend so I broke down and bought an artificial tree. I am actually pleasantly surprised with it. It took my son and I a while to get it together and all fluffed out but it looked very pretty when it was done.

After all the work of going to the store to buy the tree, struggle to fit the box in my car, drag it upstairs, assemble it, and fluff it out I was tired. All we did the first night was put on the lights and garland. That was enough to exhaust me and make me feel as though I had run a marathon! It looked good enough that I almost skipped putting on my ornaments. But it wouldn’t be a Christmas tree without the ornaments.


So, the next morning we put the ornaments on the tree. It does look better. Finished. I love going through my ornaments every year. I have way more than I could ever use so they don’t all get used every year. There are certain ones that do go each year, though. I like to collect distinctive Santas and put them on my tree.

I love these ornaments. They are not your typical Santa. I consider them to be Americana. They have a rustic look to them.  My tree is not complete without them on it. I purchased the first 2 at the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte, NC. The last one was from Cracker Barrel. It is a great place to get really cool ornaments.


These are 2 of my non-Santa favorites. The snowman is another Southern Christmas Show find. I just liked it because it is different. The harlequin mask is very special. At one of my jobs a few years ago, the social work department did an ornament exchange for Christmas. It was my idea. This ornament is from that exchange. A coworker had gone to Italy and she got this while there. It has been on my tree every year since I got it.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing our tree. Do you have favorite ornaments? Do you have an artificial tree or a real one?

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