Blogmas #16 – Gift Bags for My Coworkers

wp-1481763963005.jpgIt can be hard getting gifts for coworkers. Even though we work side by side every day it can be difficult to find an appropriate gift. Not to mention the financial constraints if you work in a large office. You have to decide if you are going to buy something for everyone or just those you work with most closely.

I got different items for different coworkers depending on our relationship. For the 2 administrative support coworkers I got candy. You can never go wrong with candy. For my coworker Tom who did the decoration featured in My First Blogmas Post I got a big bag of Swedish Fish. It is one of his favorite candies so I know he will like it. I got a bag of Ghiardhelli candy for the other support person.

In keeping with the candy theme I got giant Hershey bars for the nurse’s in our program. Their office is not in the same building as mine but I do love working with them. I also got a giant Hershey bar for the social worker in my office that isn’t on my team. She is in the suite I work in so I feel like I need to give her something when I bring in my bag of gifs.


For my closest coworkers I put together gift bags. They all contained the same items. The bags are filled with pampering products that I think they will enjoy. They contain several sheet masks, an eye mask, and a tube of yummy smelling hand cream. I feel like any woman would find those items useful. Especially during the holidays and cold weather. I love sheet masks and I have tubes of hand cream in my purse, desk drawer, and by my bedside.

What do you think of the gifts for my coworkers? What do you get for your colleagues? Do you exchange gifts?

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3 thoughts on “Blogmas #16 – Gift Bags for My Coworkers

  1. How lovely are you?
    I’ve never exchanged Christmas gifts with colleagues – unless we’ve been friends. Real friends. Not just work friends. At every company I’ve worked for we’ve always done Secret Santa which, I think, is a great idea. That way everyone gets a present. 🙂

    I also always give everyone in my team / office / department a Christmas card and a candy cane. 🙂


      1. It’s clear you liked them. The gifts are so thoughtful. The ladies will loooove their goodies. And you can’t go wrong with candy!

        I too like all my colleagues – some more than others. But I’m on good terms with everyone. I’m glad we’re only doing a Secret Santa though.

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