December 2016 Empties

Another month has come to an end and I have used up a bunch of products again. This month looks about average in terms of what and how many products I finished up. As I have mentioned in previous empties posts I am on a mission to use up the glut of bath and body products I have hoarded over time. I am happy to say that I did finish a few of them this month.



Avon Skin So Soft Gelled Body Oil – Pamper your skin with this intensely moisturizing gelled body oil. Formulated with precious argan oil, it locks in 24 hours of sensually soft moisturization, leaving skin silky smooth and luminous. Delicate floral fragrance. No greasy after feel.  If I could choose only 1 bath and body product this would be it.I cannot imagine living without it and if they ever stopped making it, I would be devastated. It makes my feet and yes, that includes my heels, look pedicure soft and smooth Every. Single. Day. Even in the winter, my skin feels like silk. No itching. No peeling. Just soft, smooth legs and feet. I love it so my much that a review of it was my first post.  It is one of my absolute must-have products and I will always repurchase it and use it daily. Love it!!

Bath and Body Works Beautiful Day Superfruit 2-in-1 Body Scrub + Wash – our exclusive Beautiful Day fragrance makes you feel like you’re having the perfect spring day full of carefree delicious moments. A day-dreamy blend of daisies, pink peonies and sun-kissed apples. This smells amazing! It made my shower smell so fresh and fruity.

Secret Invisible Solid pH Balanced Clean Lavender Scent – this is the deodorant that I use in the spring and fall. In the summer I need something stronger and in the winter I need something that won’t dry out my underarms. Clean Lavander is my favorite scent. I have switched to my winter deodorant but I will use this again once the air is less cold and dry.

Avon Skin So Soft Replenishing Hand Cream – give your hands a renewed, healthy radiance. This fresh-scented hand cream with jojoba oil provides 24+ hours of moisturization and leaves skin looking and feeling nourished, conditioned, and sensually soft. This is my holy grail hand cream. I am something of a hand cream junkie and this is, quite simply, the best. It leaves my hands feeling amazing! It dries to a powder-like finish and is not excessively greasy. I try to catch it on sale at Avon for less than $2 for a 3.4 fl. oz. tube. Try it. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Lotion – A fall favorite blend of heirloom pumpkin, autumn cinnamon & ginger snap. This is one of my favorite fall scents. It is sweet and spicy. It is not overpowering and it leaves a subtle scent that lasts and lasts.It is the perfect scent for this time of the year. I really like this scent and will repurchase it. Someday after I have used up all the bottles in my linen closet.

Bath & Body Works Pure Simplicity Brazil Nut Body Butter –  this is another discontinued line. It is a rich, hydrating body butter with a warm, nutty scent.

Bath & Body Works Pleasures Cool Citrus Basil Shower Gel – If you’ver ever picked dew-covered herbs right out of the garden, you already know the invigorating scent of basil kissed by a hint of sun and citrus. This is a discontinued scent but it is one of my favorites. It smells so fresh and clean.



Vanedo Beauty Friends Syn-Ake Sheet Mask – the syn-ake component it contains delivers elasticity and nutrition to your skin and keeps your skin that easily gets rough always bright and smooth. Sheet masks are a huge k-beauty item and I use them regularly. I purchased a big pack of these on Amazon and put them in Gift Bags for My Coworkers. I love sheet masks and this was a nice one. It had a fair amount of serum that absorbed easily into my skin. It had a light, pleasant smell and left my face feeling very hydrated.

Freeman Banana-Oat Instant Smoothing Mask – Whip up a little skin nourishment with our sensational facial smoothie! Deliciously-fragrant Banana-Oat blend smacks of softening ingredients for gorgeous skin. Highly active Alpha Hydroxy Acids rapidly exfoliate dull skin cells and reveal a softer, smoother, more radiant complexion. Antioxidant-rich Bananas nourish freshly exfoliated skin with minerals and antioxidants to keep bumpy skin issues away. Soothing Oat works double-time to nourish and keep skin calm, cool and collected. Perfect for all skin types. This makes my face feel so soft the next day. It burns and leaves your face red immediately following use but it works. You have to apply moisturizer as soon as you rinse it off. I am careful to use products that have mild ingredients. I try to use this mask once a week because it works that well for me. It is a yellow gel that has a very chemical fruit smell.I used this as part of my Month of Masks and was one of my 5 Faves October 2016. I have another tube just waiting to be opened. I use this several times a month and I really like what it does.

Malie Stem Cell Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask – the product provides enough moisture and nutrition to skin exposed by stimulation from outside and its active component forms protective coat and helps moisture not evaporate to moisturize skin. The moisturizer and softener make your skin healthy, energetic and clean with enough moisture and nutrition.  This wins the award for how many times the word moisture can be used in a description! This is another sheet mask that I purchased as part of a set on Amazon. You can pick up sheet masks for less than $1 each in those sets. This is a good mask that smells good and left my face feeling soft.

Previse HydroMilk Hyaluronic Lotion – HydroMilk is the ideal lotion replacement for natural hydration. Oxidation and dehydration are the two major causes of wrinkles and signs of aging. Potent antioxidants, rich botanical extracts, and hyaluronic acid are your skin’s new best friend. I got a full size of this in a Birchbox and I love it! It is such a nice face lotion. It is hydrating without feeling greasy or heavy. I was sad to come to the end of this. I talked about it in P.M. Skincare Routine Fall. I may repurchase it some day but I am struggling with the $48 price tag. I feel like I can find something as good for less than half the price. But I do really, really like it.

Naobay Oxygenating Cream Moisturizer –  Unique composition rich in organic nutrients, with intensive hydrating action that deeply nourishes the skin, while improving elasticity and providing intense moisture throughout the day. Extra rich cream is brimming with essential fatty acids found in oils from organic farming such as Avocado and Olive oils, which also give the cream anti-aging benefits. Specially designed for dry and dehydrated skin that needs extra attention. I received this in a Birchbox a while back. It had been sitting in my bathroom for a while now and I decided to use it up. It has been a great little moisturizer. It is not heavy at all and absorbs like magic on my skin. It does not look or feel greasy or heavy. It is part of my A.M. Skincare Routine – Fall and 1 of my 5 Faves November 2016

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Facial Mask –  A healing facial mask for dry, chapped skin, SheaMoisture’s Raw Shea Butter Facial Mask gently clarifies skin while intensely hydrating and promoting moisture rebalancing. Made with a unique blend of organic Raw Shea Butter and mineral-rich clays with Frankincense and Myrrh extracts, it boosts skin’s rejuvenation and imparts radiance to dry or aging skin. Made with 100% certified organic raw Shea Butter, this face mask heals, hydrates and moisturizes dry skin. The high Vitamin A content of raw Shea butter helps fight a plethora of skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, wrinkles and blemishes, while also being effective against skin allergies. The added Frankincense and Myrrh extracts further help prevent signs of aging and soothe cracked, chapped and dry skin. Now give your face a brilliant glow with this facial mask that has an easy-to-apply creamy formula. Be rest assured; SheaMoisture’s Raw Shea Butter Facial Mask will give your skin the little boost it needs to look soft, supple and youthfully refreshed day after day!  I picked up a small size packet of this at Walmart for $2.50 and was able to get 3 uses from it. I really liked it and felt it left my skin soft and smooth.

purity made simple by philosophy – our award-winning cleanser is loved by all for its multitasking, 3-in-1 approach to cleansing. gently cleanses and melts away face and eye makeup in one simple step, while toning and lightly hydrating. skin is left feeling perfectly clean, comfortable and balanced.  This is a Holy Grail product for me. It was 1 of my 5 Faves in August but it is honestly a favorite every month. This bottle lasted almost a year of being used nightly. It gets my face totally clean without leaving it dry or tight. I love it.

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid – This gentle, non-abrasive, leave-on exfoliant rapidly unclogs pores, diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, and improves skin tone for unbelievably smooth, radiant, firmer-looking skin. This was a sample size that came in one of my subscription boxes/bags. I used it every other night for a couple of months. I have to say that I did not see where it did anything noticeable to my face.

Lierac Mesolift Serum – A concentrate of radiance containing 15% mesolift cocktail, enriched with blood-orange extract, for an immediate and universal “pick-me-up” effect: all skin types, all ages, all seasons. Hydrates, tonifies, increases radiance & even out the complexion. This sample came in an Amazon luxury sample box. I used it at night for over a month. It is another product that did nothing that I could see. I didn’t like the feel of the serum and it didn’t make my face feel softer. I would not buy this.

Konjac Sponge – these sponges are made from the root of the Konjac plant. When you get them wet they expand and get softer. You squirt your cleanser directly on the wet sponge. It gently exfoliates your face without being harsh and damaging. I use these in the morning. You can buy them a TJMaxx, Ross, Target and Wal-Mart or order online at Amazon. I got a package of 3 from Amazon for around $7.

Cerave Eye Repair Cream – this sample came in either a Walmart or Target beauty box. It has ceramides and promises to reduce the look of dark circles and puffiness. I really liked this and will likely purchase a full size.

Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate – You’ve aced Skincare 101: You drink plenty of water, log eight hours of sleep a night, and diligently apply (and reapply) SPF. But to get your advanced degree, you’ll want to invest in a targeted antiaging serum like this one from Kiehl’s. Loaded with vitamin C and other potent ingredients, it smooths, brightens, and tones skin. This sample came in my September Birchbox and I liked it a lot. When I first used it I wasn’t thrilled that it was a creamy serum. I prefer serums that are more oily. But as I used this, I came to really enjoy it. I liked how it made my face feel. I may purchase the full size of this one.

Malie Aloe Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask – this is a sheet mask that I bought on Amazon. I got a pack of 16 assorted masks for $10.93. That is an awesome price. The masks all have a light, fresh scent. They are saturated with essence and fit the face well. My skin always feels so hydrated after using these.



L’Oreal Superior Preference Color & Shine Conditioner – this comes in my hair color and I use it once a week to keep my color from fading.


elf Makeup Remover Pen – quickly remove makeup smudges, smears, and mistakes without taking off the rest of your makeup. The gentle and non-greasy formula erases even long wearing and waterproof makeup for flawless touchups, perfect for on-the-go. Infused with Vitamin E, Cucumber, and Chamomile to moisturize and condition skin. This is a holy grail product for me. I use it every day to clean up mascara and eyeliner. It removes it instantly. You can apply right over top because it doesn’t leave a greasy or tacky residue. It helps my eye makeup look flawless. For $3 this is the best bargain ever! I keep a supply of these on hand so I never run out.

Essence Make Me Brow in Browny Brows – fill up… 3in1 – colour, density and shape! the tinted gel of the make me brow eyebrow gel mascara contains tiny fibers that fill in any unwanted gaps for beautifully defined and full eyebrows.  This is yet another sample that I got in some subscription service. It is a decent brow product but the color is just a bit cooler than I like.

Jolly Rancher Blue Raspberry Flavored Lip Balm – I keep tubes of lip balms all throughout my house, in my purse, and in my desk drawer. When I am home I apply regularly to keep my lips from drying out. I picked up several lip balm sets last year after Christmas at Walmart. I still like the flavored ones that I loved when I was young.

Even when I started this post I was thinking that I didn’t use up much this month. But as I added item after item I realized that I used up a bunch of stuff! How do I use so much in a month’s time? Surely there will come a month where I only use up a couple of products?

I cannot believe how many skincare products I went through. A bunch of them were sample sizes but it is still a lot. I guess it is obvious that I like trying new things. I have my favorite products that I use regularly but I like trying new ones too.

I am thrilled that I finished several items from the hoarded stock in my linen closet. I finished a scrub, a shower gel, a lotion, and a body butter. Finishing 4 products in 1 month makes this a banner month! If I can keep up this rate I may use all that stuff up in a few years!

What products did you finish this month? Do you use any of the products that I finished?

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