Boxycharm January 2017

I subscribe to several beauty subscription services but I am always most eager to see what comes in my Boxycharm. You can see why – November BoxyCharm,  July Boxycharm,  Boxycharm – August 2016,  Boxycharm October 2016,  Boxycharm November 2016,  and Boxycharm December 2016.  It is the most expensive subscription I have at $21 per month but I do an annual subscription that gets it down to $19.25 per month. The box includes 4-5 full-size and luxury-size samples each month.You can subscribe using my link and I will get credit to spend in their store. That link is here. I am pleased with this month’s box. Read on to see what I received.

Vintage Highlighter Double – Chocolate Diamond and Rose Quartz – Our best-selling product just got extra gorgeous with two NEW shades! Add a beautiful wash of color and subtle, sexy shimmer with this LIMITED EDITION ILLUMINATING FACE HIGHLIGHTER SET. Wear it alone or as a beautiful highlight over pretty blush or bronzer – the reflective pearls add radiance on contact, adding a delicate glow and diamond-like finish to the skin. This is a full-size product and it sells for $35. The highlighters are soft and buttery. I have tried the Rose Quartz and it is great! This is not a subtle highlighter at all. It gives some serious glow.

So Susan Fan Brush – A versatile brush made from best quality synthetic nylon and taklon hairs only. If only I had gotten this a couple of months earlier! I wanted a fan brush to apply highlighter after seeing all my favorite YouTubers using them. I purchased one in my elf Haul a few months ago. Now I have a spare! I will compare them and use the one I like best. This brush retails for $18.95 while my elf brush was no more than $6.

Gorge Amazing Konjac Sponge –  This sponge is made from 100% preservative-free konjac root. This calming, exfoliating sponge is naturally alkaline and balances the acidity of the skin’s impurities. This naturally deep-cleansing, pH balanced sponge can be used throughout the face, neck, and the delicate under eye area since it is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.The retail price for this is $18.00 but you can get them at TJMaxx and Target for around $4 or $5 and get 3 packs from Amazon for less than $10.  I was super excited to get this. I discovered konjac sponges on YouTube too. I love them so much that a konjac sponge was included in 5 Faves in July  AND 5 Faves October Since I have been using tretinoin this is helpful in removing any flakes.I wrote about it in Starting Tretinoin and Tretinoin / Retin-A Cheat Sheet. My sponge is a key part of my  A.M. Skincare Routine – Fall. This will be used.

PUR Mineral Glow Bronzer – Mineral Glow’s micronized mineral powder has rich, golden undertones to add a sun-kissed contour to your complexion. A staple for PÜR aficionados, use it as a quick fix bronzer for an all-year healthy glow. This is also a full-sized product and it retails for $25.00. I have tried it and it is a nice bronzer. It leaves a subtle bronzed look and is a good shade for my skin tone.

English Laundry Pour Femme Deluxe Roller Ball – This classic scent can be used on the go to keep you smelling fresh and sophisticated. This is a deluxe size and it sells for $25.00. It smells good and does last all day. I’m just not that into perfumes. I prefer scented shower gels and body lotions. I won’t get much use from this.

I am satisfied with my box this month. I am very excited about the konjac sponge and the highlighter is really good. I will put the bronzer to good use too.  I am always happy to get brushes because I can always find a use for them. The perfume is the only item that I am not thrilled with and that is only because I don’t typically wear it.

Do you get Boxycharm? Did you get the same products that I did this month? What did you think of your box? If you don’t get a Boxycharm do you think this box is a good deal?

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