Best of the Boxes January 2017

I subscribe to several beauty subscription services that do monthly boxes/bags. Ipsy was the first one I tried and it is $10 per month. You get 4-5 samples with an occasional full-sized product. I subscribe to Birchbox which is another $10 a month box. It is similar to Ipsy but I get more skincare in this box than Ipsy. My favorite box is Boxycharm but it is also the most expensive at $21 per month. It does have at least 1 full-sized product in each box. I get Beauty Beyond Borders too which is a monthly k-beauty subscription. It is almost totally devoted to skincare from Asian companies. I almost never include products from it in my Best of the Boxes posts because it takes me a while to incorporate them into my skincare routine.

This month Ipsy and Boxycharm had the best products. My Birchbox was just ok and nothing stands out as a “best of”. See what was in my Ipsy bag here, my Boxycharm here, and Birchbox hereNow on to my favorites for this month.

I will start with my Ipsy bag because I got it first and it had some good stuff this month.


Manna Kadar Cosmetics Paradise Blush – The warm pink with apricot undertones brightens up pale complexions, but also pops on darker skin…no small feat in the blush world. But even more so than the color, we can’t get enough of the radiant finish that’s just shimmery enough without looking crazy glittery. I have received other products from this company and have liked them.When I first saw this blush I did not expect to like it. The color looks so dark and such an odd shade that I thought it would look awful on me. It did not! In fact, I am loving it. It looks amazing on my fair skin and I have been using it more than any other blush I have right now. It has some shimmer to it but it isn’t enough to make it look too shiny. It looks good and lasts all day.

pur~lisse Blue Lotus Seed 5-in-1 mud mask + exfoliant – As a rule, mud masks can be well, messy, but this one makes you feel more like you’re at the spa than running a tough mudder. It also does about 10 million amazing things for your complexion (we’re talking brighten, detoxify, tighten, and soothe, all while gently exfoliating), thanks to a power combo of ingredients including blue lotus seeds, bamboo, white clay, ginger, and mushroom. This comes at the exact right time. I am in the midst of  a Month of Korean Skincare to see how it works for me. This fits in with that perfectly. It burned a little when I first put it on but then it was fine. It left my face feeling soft and smooth. I enjoyed this mask.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Anti-Aging Concealer – We didn’t think it could get any better than this brand’s original Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer. Spoiler alert—it did. This guy has the same full-coverage and completely waterproof formula, but with a little bit of radiance that makes everything better, making it a must-have for early mornings or late nights. And forget the name, it works just as well covering up complexion imperfections as it does hiding dark circles. This made my undereye area look so much brighter than usual. It does a really good job of covering up dark circles too. It is a very thick concealer and a little goes a long way.

Boxycharm was pretty great this month as well! But then I am spoiled into expecting great products in my Boxycharm.


Vintage Highlighter Double – Chocolate Diamond and Rose Quartz – Our best-selling product just got extra gorgeous with two NEW shades! Add a beautiful wash of color and subtle, sexy shimmer with this LIMITED EDITION ILLUMINATING FACE HIGHLIGHTER SET. Wear it alone or as a beautiful highlight over pretty blush or bronzer – the reflective pearls add radiance on contact, adding a delicate glow and diamond-like finish to the skin. This is a full-size product and it sells for $35. The highlighters are soft and buttery. I have tried both shades and they are great! This is not a subtle highlighter at all. It gives some serious glow.

Gorge Amazing Konjac Sponge –  This sponge is made from 100% preservative-free konjac root. This calming, exfoliating sponge is naturally alkaline and balances the acidity of the skin’s impurities. This naturally deep-cleansing, pH balanced sponge can be used throughout the face, neck, and the delicate under eye area since it is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.The retail price for this is $18.00 but you can get them at T.J. Maxx and Target for around $4 or $5 and get 3 packs from Amazon for less than $10.  I was super excited to get this. I discovered konjac sponges on YouTube too. I love them so much that a konjac sponge was included in 5 Faves in July  AND 5 Faves October Since I have been using tretinoin this is helpful in removing any flakes.I wrote about it in Starting Tretinoin and Tretinoin / Retin-A Cheat Sheet. My sponge is a key part of my  A.M. Skincare Routine – Fall. This will be used.

I was pretty pleased with Ipsy and Boxycharm this month. Birchbox was disappointing again. It may be time to think about canceling that subscription. I would have to say that Manna Kadar blush and the Vintage Highlighter were my 2 favorite items this month. They are both just so awesome!

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes/bags? Did you get any of the products I did? What were your favorites this month?

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