Target Beauty Box February 2017

Each month Target offers 1 or 2 beauty boxes that tend to sell for either $7 or $10 each. They will occasionally have a box for men. This is not a subscription service and they usually sell out within hours of going on sale. I haven’t purchased these boxes for a few months either because I didn’t want any of the items or I just didn’t need any of the items due to all the beauty subscriptions I have! The boxes typically go on sale around the last few days of the month or the first few days of the month. This month’s box went on sale on January 30 and I received it on the 3rd of February. I was thrilled with the super fast shipping! You can get an idea of what you can expect in a Target box by checking out Target Beauty Box November 2015 Review and Target Beauty Box August 2015 Review. Yeah, it has been awhile since I reviewed one of these boxes! So, let’s see what was in the box this month!

Soap & Glory Face Soap & Clarity Facial Wash – is a three-in-one daily detox facial wash (with vitamin C), to help smooth, purify and clarify the skin. With complexion-friendly, non-drying, easy-rinse ingredients including natural superfruit, yuzu, and skin polishing beads, this high-tech foaming wash is a multitasking miracle. Fragranced with refreshing cool chamomile and mint with natural sage, eucalyptus and lemongrass oils, this luxurious facial wash leaves skin fresh and bright. A full sized 11.8 oz tube is $10.99 at Target which is a very reasonable price. The sample is a decent size and is more than enough for me to see how it works on my skin. This is one of the reasons I purchased the box this month. I have always wanted to try out something from the Soap & Glory line.I’m looking forward to trying this.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Extreme Damage Repair, Protection & Shine Ultimate Repair – Heavily damaged hair loses Keratin resulting in a severely weakened hair structure. It requires extreme repair to recover. Gliss Ultimate Repair is a high-performance shampoo with 3x LIQUID KERATIN and precisely repairs damaged hair by replacing lost Keratin leaving your hair ultimately restored. I am not really thrilled about this because I have not been impressed by other Schwarzkopf hair care products I have tried.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Combable Hair & Extreme Damage Repair Ultimate Repair Conditioner – Heavily damaged hair loses Keratin resulting in a severely weakened hair structure. It requires extreme repair to recover. Gliss Ultimate Repair Conditioner is a high-performance conditioner with 3x LIQUID KERATIN and repairs damaged hair by replacing lost Keratin leaving your hair ultimately restored and perfectly combable.

Raw Sugar Raw Coconut Mango Natural Body Wash – Raw Sugar Raw Coconut + Mango Natural Body Wash is like a fresh tropical fruit smoothie for the skin. Made from a natural coconut and plant-based blend for pure skin nutrition and processed through ColdPress Technology® to lock in all the good oils, vitamins and enzymes that skin instantly soaks up – Raw Sugar Raw Coconut + Mango Natural Body Wash is free of any of the nasty stuff. The mango brightens and perks up your complexion while the raw coconut has soothing properties tired skin will really appreciate. Crafted with love in sunny Southern California, this gentle body wash is ethical, sustainable and completely cruelty-free. Smells amazing too. And here’s a fun fact: 25% of Raw Sugar’s bottle packaging is made out of post-consumer recycled materials, and our bottle caps are sustainably-sourced natural bamboo. We believe a clean world starts at home, so as part of the Raw Sugar Initiative-a fresh bar of soap is donated to a family in need for every product sold. This seems like a very socially conscious product to use. I can’t say I love the scent. It is mild and smells natural. I am one of those people who like very scented body washes and this is underwhelming for me.

W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Pro Mascara – This bold boundary breaking natural formula instantly creates length and volume for lush lashes. Premium natural and organic ingredients deliver pro-grade impact without clumping or smudging. This botanical blend nourishes lashes and the sensitive eye area. Our high-tech injection molded rubber brush in a unique cascade shape, precisely separates the thinnest, shortest, hard-to-reach eyelashes and delivers the perfect amount of product.  I already have so many sample sized mascaras that I have no idea when I’ll get to this one. A full sized tube will set you back $21.99 at Target so there is almost no chance I will go out and purchase this.

Sun Bum Sunless Self Tanning Towelette – Sun Bum Sunless Self Tanning Towelette is a fast-absorbing wipe that can be used on the face and whole body. This self-tanner gives you a healthy and natural color without the harmful effects of the sun. I will probably try this but I am not a tan kind of gal. I am content to stay pasty white.

Masque Bar by Look Beauty Hydrating Peel Off Mask  – Gently peels away impurities and dead skin cells while cucumber extract leaves your skin moisturized, smooth and silky. Skin Concern: basic care, dryness, dark spots and skin tone. Masks are my favorites! I rarely use peel off masks so this will be a nice change of pace. I am working on a new Month of Masks  using just masks I have received in a beauty box/bag. Look for this mask in that post!

L’Oreal Paris Clay Masks – there are foil packets containing samples of the 3 different clay masks. There is the Purify & Mattify that is more for oilier skin. To improve skin tone and detoxify there is the Detox & Brighten.  Finally to exfoliate and regenerate there is Exfoliate & Refine Pores. I am totally thrilled with this! I have seen so many positive reviews for these masks and I have been wanting to try them for a while now. This is a great way to try them out to see if I want to buy the full size.

Did you get the Target box this month? What did you think? Have you used any of the products in this box? Do you like them?

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