5 Faves in February

February is usually our coldest and snowiest month in Virginia. Typically favorites for this month would be moisturizing lotions and hydrating moisturizers for the face. This month was unusually mild so my favorites this month are not really about cold weather. Read on to see what products were my favorites this month.

e.l.f. Makeup Remover Pen – Mascara smears? Uneven eyeliner? Quickly remove or correct small makeup smudges, smears and mistakes without having to take off the rest of your makeup! The gentle and non-greasy formula erases even long wearing and waterproof makeup for flawless touch ups, perfect for throwing in your purse or gym bag when you’re on-the-go! Infused with Vitamin E, Cucumber and Chamomile to moisturize and condition skin. This is actually a favorite every single day! It is the rare day I don’t need to use it to clean up mascara. This is one of those “YouTube made me buy it” products.I used it all the time when I was learning to use liquid eyeliner. I made sure to pick up a couple of spares in my last e.l.f. Haul because I can’t imagine running out. All you have to do is dab this on mistakes and it literally erases them. If you haven’t tried it, you should. Especially considering that it only costs $3.

Avon Pro Crease Brush – Give your look the pro treatment with our new expertly designed brushes with high-quality bristles. A shadow sculpting brush with broad tapered bristles to allow complete control and contouring. I reach for this every day! It is the best crease brush ever. I have several and none of them are as good as this one.

Wet n Wild Take on the Day Eyeshadow Primer – This is another product that I use daily. It looks like a thin concealer that dries to a matte finish and smooths out color on the eyelid. It makes my shadow last all day long. It honestly looks as good when I take it off at night as when I applied it at 5:30 a.m. I am very sad to see that it has been replaced by a new primer called the Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer. I hope it is as good as this one. I hate when something I love gets discontinued.

Skinfood My Short Cake Setting Mascara – It coats every inch of eyelashes without smudging to provide amazing curls and rich eyelashes at the same time. I got this in a Beauty Beyond Borders subscription bag. You can see what I got in my January bag here. This mascara is the perfect consistency. It gives me longer, thicker lashes in just 1 coat. It lasts and doesn’t flake or smear. I like what it does for my lashes.

Wonder Cloth All Natural Make-up Remover Cloth –  a unique combination of plant pulp and 100 cotton fibers. Use Wonder Cloth to remove all make-up, oils, and pollutants ever so delicately – even the reddest of lipstick to the blackest mascara. Use Wonder Cloth again and again – it lasts as long as a standard wash cloth.  I have been using these clothes with Say Yes to Coconut Hydrating Cleanser for a couple of moths now. The combination really does remove all my makeup. It takes off 99.5% of my mascara. It rinses clean after use and can be used a few times before you toss it in the laundry.

The eyes have it in this month’s favorites.  There is mascara, an eye brush, an eye primer, and I mostly use my Makeup Remover Pen to correct mascara mistakes. These are my go-to products to achieve a decent eye look.

What are your favorites this month? Do you have tools that you love? Have you tried any of my favorites? What is your favorite eye primer? I may need to find a new one.

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