Best of the Boxes February 2017

This was not a good month for my subscriptions boxes and bags. In fact, it was a very, very bad month. I am going to include the Beauty Beyond Borders January 2017 because I have had a chance to try some of the products. I am also including a product from Beauty Beyond Borders August 2016  because I used a product from it recently. There are some products from other subscription services and 1 from the Target Beauty Box February 2017.

I’m going to start with my absolute favorite product this month and it came from the August Beauty Beyond Borders box. 7 Wonders Amazonian Acai Anti-Pollution Mask – The Açai berry, from the Amazonian rainforest in Brazil, is an antioxidant powerhouse that will purify and neutralize the effects of pollution on the skin. Vitamin C, B, and E help protect, fortify and rejuvenate skin. TreatsSkin damages, Irritation, Skin pollutants. Effectiveness: Minimizes the effects of pollution on skin, Purifies & detoxifies skin, Neutralizes skin-damaging free radicals. This was a coconut gel mask and it was amazing! It was between peel off covers to keep it saturated. And it was. It was dripping with essence. The scent was very light and fresh. I let it on for almost an hour and when I took it off my skin felt so soft and smooth. Most of the essence had absorbed into my skin and the rest was massaged in easily. My skin looked brighter. The next morning my face felt incredible and had a glow to it. I will be purchasing more of these.  I have ordered a sample pack of these so that I can try the other versions. this may be the best mask I have ever used. And I have used a LOT of masks. I will probably do a review on the variety set I am waiting to get.

Wei Beauty Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask – This mask is the #1 globally top-selling mud mask from Wei Beauty that has an ultra-soft texture without a tight or uncomfortable feeling as it dries. This purifying mask deeply cleanses and removes dead cells bringing skin to natural balance for a refreshed, clear complexion.  The golden root extract works to counteract the oxidative causes of cell damage while pure china clay works to absorb toxins, dirt and remove dead skin cells. I got this mask in the January Beauty Beyond Borders box. It has a nice, light scent. It is a pudding-like texture, dark brown mask. It goes on the skin a lighter shade but dries to a deep brown. It did not feel drying at all on my skin. After rinsing, my face looked brighter and smoother. It stung a little when I first applied it but that did not last long. I will get at least 2 more uses out of the sample, maybe 3 or 4.

The only thing in Ipsy February 2017  worthwhile was the NYX Professional Makeup Butter Lipstick in Lifeguard – Right now this satin finish is our goldilocks texture. Glossy is too much. Matte isn’t doing the trick. But this is just right! These are so insanely creamy that there’s no need to use lip balm beforehand. I love, love, love getting lip products. It allows me to try new formulas, new brands, and especially new shades. I like NYX products and this is a gorgeous maroon red. I loved the formula, the shade, and the lasting power. This was my first Butter lipstick but it won’t be my last!

I can always count on Boxycharm having at least 1 item in this post and Boxycharm February 2017 is no exception. This month I really liked 2 of the products.

Real Her Moisturizing Lipstick in So Sassy – Achieve kissably soft lips with our uber awesome satin moisturizing lipsticks enriched with shea butter, jojoba seed oil, aloe vera and Vitamin E. Features a creamy satin finish that looks between a matte and a gloss. I had my doubts when I first saw the shade of this lipstick and I’m still not in love with it. But the formula is so good! And the shade doesn’t look awful on me. It isn’t something I’ll reach for every day but I will use it. I would love to have gotten a better shade for me.

The other item from the Boxycharm is a Small Z-Palette – Completely customizable, this small Z-Palette, made exclusively for Boxycharm, features an open-faced, magnetic base that allows you to easily switch out shades and products as often as you like. This pint-sized Z-Palette will fit just about anywhere and fits up to 9 standard- sized round pans.  The retail price for this is $14. This is the cutest little palette ever! I already have 2 palettes that aren’t full but I am still happy with this! It is a great travel size.

In that Target box, I received Soap & Glory Face Soap & Clarity Facial Wash – is a three-in-one daily detox facial wash (with vitamin C), to help smooth, purify and clarify the skin. With complexion-friendly, non-drying, easy-rinse ingredients including natural superfruit, yuzu, and skin polishing beads, this high-tech foaming wash is a multitasking miracle. Fragranced with refreshing cool chamomile and mint with natural sage, eucalyptus and lemongrass oils, this luxurious facial wash leaves skin fresh and bright. I am liking this cleanser and plan to write a review on it so watch for that.

Nothing in my Birchbox was exciting looking. It had not arrived by February 25 and I had to contact the company. It got lost so they will have to ship me another box. It may be the original one or something totally different. I am not happy with Birchbox and this latest thing doesn’t help. I may cancel my subscription to it and try something else.

That Amazonian Acai Anti-Pollution Mask really was the star this month. I cannot believe what it did for my face. I was also so impressed with the NXY Butter lipstick. It is a wonderful lipstick. I was more satisfied with skincare products this month than with my makeup samples. Part of that may be that I am more into skincare now than makeup.

What did you get in a subscription bag/box this month that you loved? What did you not like? Did you get any of the same things I did?

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