Empties March 2017

Every month I like to go through the products that I finished that month and share my opinion on that product. I finished a lot of stuff this month. I have a ton of bath and body products taking up space in my linen closet and I am trying to use it all up. My goal is to finish at least 2 or 3 bath products each month. If I ever get 4 in a month that will be a double bonus! Read on to see what I used up, what I thought of it, and if I met my bath product goal.



Hey Honey Trick and Treat Cream Concealer – this creamy undereye concealer contains active propolis, a mixture honeybees collect from nature that naturally helps revitalize, smooth, and hydrate the entire eye area.  I received this in my Birchbox August 2016 and after initially not being thrilled with it went on to be one of my 5 Faves in September.  It was sticky but blended really well with a beauty blender. It lasted all day and did not sink into the fine lines under my eyes. The downside is that it is not really all that great at concealing the dark spots on my face.

Kat Von D Beauty Tattoo Liner in Trooper – The liner that turned us all into liquid lovers. The flexible brush tip was the first of its kind to draw such precise lines—and remains our daily go-to. Not going anywhere. Waterproof, fadeproof, melt-proof and run-proof. 325 bristles in the super tight point give you greater control over your lines. Perfect for newbies and pros. Glides on for easy fine lines, wings and detail work. I received this in Ipsy Bag October 2016Ipsy Bag October 2016. I did not initially like it but after a few uses, I liked it enough to include it in Best of the Boxes October 2016. I like it a lot but Stila Stay All Day is still my favorite liquid eyeliner.

Skinfood My Short Cake Setting Mascara – It coats every inch of eyelashes without smudging to provide amazing curls and rich eyelashes at the same time.  I am sad that I have finished this mascara! I liked it so much that it was one of my 5 Faves in February. I will likely repurchase at some point. Right now I have so many sample mascaras to use that I don’t need to buy mascara for a long time.

Sephora Collection 10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation in Medium Peach – Conceal blemishes, pigmentation marks, scars, and dark spots with this foundation that provides a natural, beautiful finish. This formula blends with your skin tone to create an invisible veil, like a second skin that adapts to all the movements of the face for optimum comfort all-day long. Hyaluronic acid smooths the skin, while antioxidant vitamin E protects against external stressors. Soft focus pigments blur out blemishes and soften the appearance of wrinkles for a youthful-looking, even complexion. This sells for $2o at Sephora so it is more than a drugstore foundation. It provided solid medium coverage that lasted all day.  I really like this foundation and will probably repurchase. I need to finish a few more foundations first, though.

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara – During high-profile shoots in our L.A. photo studio, we need to sweep on big, glossy lashes—fast. We infused this patent-leather formula with olive-oil complex to deliver insta-soft lashes and bring you the same fluttery fabulosity at home. When it comes to volume, our mantra is “crank it up.” Every swipe gives you fiber-rich length and thickness without clumps, flakes or smudges. I got this in an Ipsy bag sometime back. I am not a fan at all. It may be because it was a sample size and the wand was just too small to maneuver. I would not purchase a full size of this.



Equate Moisture Last Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution –  retains moisture for comfort from insertion to removal, cleans, conditions, removes protein, disinfects, rinses and stores. This is the generic for Opti-Moist and works equally well at a few dollars cheaper.

ACT  Restoring  Anticavity Mouthwash – Adults who use ACT Anticavity fluoride rinses like ACT Restoring can reduce cavities up to 70% more than brushing with a fluoride toothpaste alone. Remineralize soft spots. Strengthen enamel to prevent tooth decay. Freshen breath. I have super sensitive teeth and I use this every day to make it bearable. It works better than anything else I have tried.

Colgate Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste – Colgate Sensitive Whitening contains potassium nitrate, clinically proven to soothe the nerves in exposed dentin, and a superior stain removal formula to help restore the natural whiteness of your teeth (with regular brushing vs. non-whitening toothpaste). With regular use, it provides long-lasting sensitivity relief and removes surface stains to help keep teeth whiter and brighter.I have very sensitive teeth and this is my go-to toothpaste. It works. I can’t ask for more.

Dove Invisible Solid Antiperspirant, Fresh – Including our ¼ moisturizers, Dove Invisible Solid Antiperspirant Fresh combines antiperspirant protection with outstanding underarm care. This is my winter deodorant. My underarm skin gets really dry in the winter and this keeps that from happening.

Equate Saline Solution – yes I save a few pennies on store brands where I can. I use saline solution so that my solution lasts longer. I use it to rinse off my contacts before I put them in each morning. I also use it to rinse out my contact case.



L’Oreal Feria Hair Color in 63 Light Golden Brown – A twist on the traditional, Feria offers multi-tonal, shimmering colors that never wreck or ravage. With bold shades ranging from our deepest blue blacks to platinum blondes, Feria hair color products are inspired by cutting-edge fashion and the latest trends. This is one of my favorite drugstore hair colors. It leaves my hair soft and silky and it covers grays well.

L’Oreal Root Rescue in Medium Golden Brown 5G – Rescue roots between colorings! Touch-up at the first sign of new roots or gray regrowth. Get seamless permanent color in just 10 minutes. I use this to cut down on how often I have to do a full color. It is such a great product that makes it so much easier to color my hair at home.



Caress Adore Forever Body Wash – Bloom from day to night with the fine fragrance of Caress®  Adore Forever™. Its breakthrough Fragrance Touch Technology releases bursts of perfume with every touch of your skin, leaving you unforgettably fragrant for up to 12 hours. This is a nice body wash. The scent is a little heavier than the light, floral, fresh scents that I prefer. I like using this for a change of pace. It is a nice rich lathering wash too.

Mary Kay Private Spa Collection Stress Free Shower Gel – this is an ancient shower gel from a discontinued line of Mary Kay. It still smelled and looked fine so I finished it. One less bottle in my linen closet!!

Bath and Body Works Winter Candy Apple Body Cream – Ultra Shea Body Cream in 8oz Tube. A fun, festive blend of red apple, winter rose petals and candied orange. Infused with luxuriously rich Shea Butter, soothing Aloe Butter and pampering Cocoa Butter. Provides 24 hours of nourishing moisture to soften even the driest skin. Non-greasy formula melts into skin to provide beautiful.fragrance with all day and night hydration. This is great. It smells awesome and keeps my skin moisturized all day. The scent lingers forever.

Bath and Body Works Holiday Collection Laurel Berry Garland Refreshing Body Wash – treat your skin to the softest skin imaginable. Just a drop of our Laurel Berry Garland Shower Gel cleanses your skin with a luxuriously rich lather and leaves it fragranced with a spirit-raising scent. This is from the stash in my linen closet. It is an older, discontinued scent but it smells so good. It is a sweet yet tart scent. I enjoyed finishing this one up.



Fresh Soy Facial Cleansing Milk – Soy Face Cleansing Milk is a gentle, conditioning cleanser for all skin types that is enriched with amino acid-rich soy proteins and white hibiscus flower extract. The super sensorial, milky formula removes impurities and dissolves facial makeup while it comforts and moisturizes the skin for a soft, supple, soothed complexion. I LOVE this cleanser! It is so gentle on the skin. I did a full review here.  I love it so much that it was one of my 5 Faves January 2017. The downside is that it is crazy expensive and you have to use a decent sized amount each time. I may ask for this as a gift but cannot see using it regularly due to the cost.

Wei Five Sacred Grains Rapid Glow Liquid Milk –  Traditional Chinese Medicine reveres the groups of Five Sacred Grains for the complete nutrients they provide the body to maintain overall health and vitality. Known as “gold from the soil,” Five Sacred Grains offer the ultimate in skin nourishing benefits. Pressed after soaking for 24 hours in pure coconut water, the undiluted nutrients are captured in a milky puree that energizes, brightens, and brings skin back into balance. A first step in ultimate renewal, this lightweight milk readily absorbs into the skin providing an immediate boost of hydration and quickly improving the look and feel of skin that is uneven to the touch. Soaked in skin-softening coconut water and consisting of Rice, Millet, Sorghum, Job’s Tears, and Black Soybean, this proprietary “Five Sacred Grains” complex hydrates and softens skin to help achieve a smooth, glowing complexion. Vitamin C defends the skin from free radicals and helps illuminate a dull complexion. This was part of my Month of Asian Skincare and I was just finishing up the bottle. I did enjoy this toner but I am so used to the toner you apply with a cotton pad that I just never got used to patting this toner on my skin. I will go back to my Dickinson’s Enhanced Witch Hazel Hydrating Toner now that I have finished this.

Hada Labo Anti-Aging Hydrator – Provides deep hydration with Super Hyaluronic Acid™ that works in synergy with Retinol Complex and Collagen to repair and fight the signs of aging. Formulated to help increase skin’s firmness and elasticity, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This serum-like hydrator absorbs instantly so skin feels velvety smooth, tighter, and renewed. This was another product that I used in my month of Asian skincare. It was my first experience with an essence and I liked it. I’m not sure that it did more than hydrate my skin but at my age hydration is always welcome.

Etude House Honey Cera Emulsion – A nourishing and firming Emulsion that provides rich nutrition and strengthens the skin’s oil-moisture balance. As I mentioned in Month of Asian Skincare Review, this was probably my favorite of all the products I used that month. It was a sticky, gold fluid that made my face feel amazing! I may purchase this in the full size. I had never tried an emulsion before but this was wonderful. And it had a subtle, sweet scent that I really liked.

Leaders Insolution Brightening Recovery Coconut Sheet Mask – Renews Radiance + Evens Skin Tone. A moisturizing mask that brightens dull and uneven skin tones while improving complexion and reducing discoloration. With continuous usage, the mask systematically restores luster and vitality to the skin.Recommended For: Dark Spots+ Dull/Uneven Skin Tone. Features: Skin tone improving ingredient Telangyn, works with essential brightening ingredient Niacinamide, to create a double illuminating system restoring an overall flawless finish to the skin. Vitamin-rich ingredients brighten complexion while extracts from plants and flowers help to heal discoloration. This was an amazing mask! It left my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. It looked plumper and brighter.

Konjac Sponge – these sponges are made from the root of the Konjac plant. When you get them wet they expand and get softer. You squirt your cleanser directly on the wet sponge. It gently exfoliates your face without being harsh and damaging. I use these in the morning. You can buy them a TJMaxx, Ross, Target and Wal-Mart or order online at Amazon. I got a package of 3 from Amazon for around $7. I also got one in  Boxycharm January 2017. This is a regularly replaced product for me.

Equate Sunscreen Face Lotion Broad Spectrum  SPF 50 – Lightweight formula that spreads easily and dries with a clear finish, Water resistant (80 minutes), With ceramides, Oil-free.  Read more about this here. The more I have used this sunscreen, the more I have come to despise it. I used it on my neck and chest just to finish it after it didn’t work for my face at all. It is so thick and so white that it feels like applying paste. I will never buy this again.

Etude House Honey Cera Priming Eye Serum – A priming Eye Serum that enhances dark circles under the eyes with its whitening function for a smooth and brightened eye area. This was a decent eye cream. It smelled so good like all the products in the Honey Cera line. It has a light sweet scent.

Yes to Coconuts Ultra Hydrating Melting CleanserThis dual-texture cleanser can be mixed with water for a creamy cleansing experience or slathered directly onto skin (sans water!) for a luxurious, balm-like feel. Either way, it’ll melt right in, dissolving dirt and makeup and hydrating with virgin coconut oil and moringa seed oil… then effortlessly rinse right off. Like buttah! I used this as the first step in my Nighttime Double Cleanse Routine and you can learn how I felt about it in Yes to Coconut Ulta Hydrating Melting Cleanser Review

philosophy renewed hope in a jar – philosophy skin labs’ original breakthrough moisturizer is changing the face of skin care again. the revolutionary lightweight, whipped formula of hope in a jar is renewed and infused with a new innovation: clinically proven skin renewal technology. this groundbreaking formulation features a triple blend of alpha hydroxy acids, 3 forms of hyaluronate plus an asian fruit extract, delivering an even longer-lasting glow and continuous hydration benefits. reaffirm your commitment to beautiful skin with renewed hope and face the future with a whole new outlook.  This was the .5 oz sample size that I got with a philosophy order. I liked it but not sure I would repurchase. It was too much for my neck and chest with the tretinoin use so I had to use a different moisturizer in those areas.

It’s Skin Todak Todak Pack Pore Care Wash Off Mask with Apple and Egg White – Clay pack contains egg whites effective in removing oils and controlling sebum, and apples that tighten pores and make skin smooth. This came in Beauty Beyond Borders October 2016 and was part of Month of Masks – Beauty Subscription Masks. It is a pretty green color and smells of apples. It is a mousse-like clay mask that glides on smoothly. There was no stinging or burning and it was not tight feeling after it dried. My skin was smooth but I didn’t see any noticeable improvement in my pores.

Live Green Natural Blueberry Mask Sheet Energizing Facial Mask – Our facial masks are formulated for at-home spa results.  This was the worst sheet mask I have ever used. It smelled awful right out of the pack. It had a thin, watery essence that did nothing for my skin. I had 4 but I won’t use this again.

I can’t believe how many makeup products I finished this month! I also emptied a bunch of skincare products but most of them were sample sized. Of course, I am beyond thrilled to have finished 4 bath and body products this month. If only I could stop buying new ones I might see a dent in my collection!

Did you go through as many products as I did this month? Do you use any of my empties? Do you hoard anything the way I hoard bath and body products?

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