The Creme Shop Anti-Aging Egg Nog Sheet Mask Review

Welcome to Mask Monday! Each Monday I will review a different mask from my vast collection.This mask was part of a holiday collection from The Creme Shop. I got a 5 mask pack for $5.99. It is no secret that I am a mask junkie and always on the lookout for new masks to try. I purchased the Creme Shop Anti-Aging Egg Nog Sheet Mask in my Marshalls Haul right after Christmas.

The next best thing to a time machine, for instantly younger skin, treat yourself to an egg white facial. Tightens skin by shrinking pores and correcting discolorations. This was a limited edition box of masks so it was hard to get any information on them. I took a picture of the ingredients on the mask package.


I don’t like to see alcohol in the ingredient list of a skincare product at all but especially not as the third ingredient.

I  put this sheet mask on after removing my makeup, cleansing my face, and using my toner and tretinoin. I like to wait about 2 hours after application of the tretinoin to give it maximum time to be absorbed into my skin.

It was a felt-like mask that was a nice thickness. It was saturated with the essence which was a nice consistency as well. There was enough left over to use on my face for a few nights.  The scent was light and kind of sweet but did not remind me of egg nog. It was a good sized mask and fit my face well. It covered my entire face and over onto my jawline.


I covered the mask with a silicone mask cover and left it on for about 45 minutes. I massage my face to help press it into my skin. I have read that you shouldn’t leave a sheet mask on for longer than the directions say to because they can start to pull moisture out of your skin as they dry. My silicone mask cover prevents that from happening and allows me to leave it on longer.  If you want to see more about my masking see Month of Masks – Fall. I mask 3 times a week and sheet masks are a big part of my routine.

When I removed the mask there was a lot of essence still on my face. I massaged it into my face and on my neck and chest. I was able to get it completely massaged into my skin. I followed it with my normal nighttime routine of a serum, eye cream, rosewater, and moisturizer. My face felt soft but I didn’t remember to look at my pores to see if they looked better. The next morning they looked the same.

My face did feel super soft and smooth the next morning. It looked plumper and maybe a little brighter. I enjoyed this mask a lot and am sad that it was a limited holiday edition. I would buy it again if it was available. Oh well, there are so many sheet masks out there to try that I’m sure I won’t miss this one. Plus, I still have 3 left since it was a box of 5 and I have used 2. Not to mention all the sheet masks I got in my Monster Sheet Mask Haul.

Have you tried this mask? Do you use sheet masks? Do you have any recommendations for me?

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