Ipsy April 2017

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that is $10 per month. It contains 5 sample, deluxe sample, or a rare full sized product in each bag. It tends to contain more makeup products and tools. You can see what I have received in past bags  here,  here,  here,  here and here.

The theme this month is Side Show and the bag looks like a carnival ticket. It is an orangey red and has a leather feel.  Read on to see what I got and what I think of the bag overall.

Ofra Cosmetics Blush in Format – It’s in it for the long haul! This super long-wearing powder lasts from A.M. to after party. The next-level formula can be used dry (like a traditional blush) or wet for even more pop. We love a good multitasker—this triple threat also works as an eyeshadow and highlighter.  The ‘Format’ shade is the perfect rich terracotta shade for a warm, bronzey glow.I have tried other Ofra blushes as well as eyeshadows and highlighters. I have always been pleased with them and was excited when I saw I would be getting this. I was not happy after I actually received it. The shade is way too dark for me. I tried it as a bronzer and I had to use a super light touch. It is also powdery. I don’t like this at all.

Skin & Co Roma Truffle Therapy Facial Toner – It’s packed with truffle, calendula, rose, and rosemary extracts. AKA it’s basically the most luxe toner we’ve ever seen ever. It removes bacteria and dead skin to help nix breakouts before they start. After swiping it on A.M. and P.M. for a week, our skin looked way glowier and our pores looked way tinier. Just sayin’. This is the sample I am most looking forward to trying. It sounds amazing.

Adesse New York Cupuaçu Butter Lip Balm – First and foremost: that ginger mint scent is soooo yummy and refreshing you’ll probs want to eat it. (But probs shouldn’t.) It’s made with cold pressed Cupuaçu butter, the latest Amazonian ingredient everyone is freaking over, to help heal and hydrate.  You can wear it alone or under your favorite lip color as a conditioning primer. All of Adesse New York’s formulas (even their nail stuff) are cruelty-free, vegan, and clean!  I can always use a lip balm and this sounds good.

Ciaté London Mini Bamboo Bronzer –  A bronzer is a bronzer is a bronzer, right? Wrong! This one is spiked with amaranth and sunflower extracts, which help soothe and smooth your complexion (we love makeup that doubles as skincare). It also has oil-controlling ingredients. So aside from getting a faux sunkissed glow, you’ll stay shine-free all day. Sweep on a teeny bit or pile it on. Either way, you’ll be a bronzed goddess (never an Oompa Loompa) thanks to its neutral undertones.  I have so many bronzers that I just can’t get excited about getting another one. Once I received it I saw that it is too light to use as a bronzer. It has almost no pigmentation at all. I think I can use it as a transition shade on my eyes.

Peek Beauty eye will stay Naturally Long Wearing Eye Shadow in 250k8 – It lives in the cutest little tin which, aside from being adorbs, means fewer spills all over your makeup bag and purse. PEEK’s shadow formulas are blended to intensify eye color, highlighting the gold in brown eyes and punching up blues and greens. It’s like amping up the saturation on your selfies IRL. The texture is everything. Think: a velvety finish that’s spiked with a hint of shimmer. I like to get eyeshadows and this looks like a nice color. But really what is up with the shade name? 250k8??? What does that even mean? It is a very pretty shade though.

I used my Ipsy points to get a mask this month. You get points for reviewing products and for referring friends to get a subscription.

Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask – A cocktail of four acids including glycolic acid from pinneapple, lactic acid from passion fruit, citric acid from lemon, and tartaric acid from grape create multiaction exfoliation. It lifts dead skin and resurfaces to dramatically improve skin tone, texture, firmness, and radiance, while minimizing the appearance of pores and reducing sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and old acne scars. This a generous deluxe sample size and I am really excited to try it. It is a pricey mask and a 1.7 oz. bottle is $55 at Sephora. I am thrilled to be able to try it for free.

All in all, I rated this bag 3/5 in my Ipsy review on their site based on seeing what I would be getting. I am excited about the toner But the rest of the samples aren’t doing much for me. Now that I have the bag I think it is more a 2/5. The blush is just way too dark and the bronzer is too light.

Do you subscribe to Ipsy? What did you get this month? Were you happy with it? If you want to try it out I would appreciate your using my link.  I get points if you do.

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6 thoughts on “Ipsy April 2017

  1. To be honest it depends on the month! I have gotten some great samples and some not so great. I have kept my subscription for going on 2 years now so it must be working for me! I occasionally think about canceling and then I get an awesome bag the next month. So, although this month was not amazing, May’s may be incredible.


  2. I definitely sometimes all things are just either a hit or miss! And it all depends on the little things! But I’ve definitely come to like ipsy way more than birchbox. But I think overall I love my beautycon subscription way more! You should check that out if you haven’t already. Great post and blog babe ✨💄💖

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    1. I used to like Birchbox better but it has been less than exciting for the past few months. I am seriously considering cancelling my subscription. And now they no longer give points for reviews. So that sucks. That is one of the good things about Ipsy. I review everything and get extras with my points.

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  3. I thought I would hate my bag this month because I don’t like orange but once I had it in my hands, I fell in love with it. lol I got the same bronzer and toner. I also ended up getting a Luxie brush (4/4 bags with a tool so far), a Hey Honey lip balm, and a teeny tiny Elizabeth Mott highlighter/shimmer eyeshadow. I love the brush and the bronzer, I really like the highlighter/shimmer eyeshadow but the size of the sample really irks me, I like the lip balm okay, and I’m scared to use the toner since it might cause a rosacea flair up for me and I haven’t had one in a few weeks. I originally rated my bag 5/5 since I didn’t get hair products or nail products this time but I think a more fair rating would be a 3.5/5 after the fact. That tiny Elizabeth Mott product kills me.

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