#MaskaDayinMay 5/12 – 5/15

For mid-May it was chilly at the beginning of this time but got warm near the end. We are having odd weather. So, I used some hydrating sheet masks for the first couple of days. My skin is normal until it gets warm then it can get oily at the end of the day.

Friday, May 12 – My Secret Diary Squalene Restorative Mask. This mask came in my last Beauty Beyond Borders beauty bag. It was a nice mask even though it was a bit small for my face. It left my face hydrated and plump.

Saturday, May 13 – SOO AE Vitamin Collagen Essence Mask. I got this mask in a Walmart Beauty Box. I was excited to try it because I liked the SOO AE Snail Brightening Mask so much. They are not alike at all. I did not care for this mask. It was sticky and did not absorb well into my skin. I saw no benefit from it at all.

Sunday, May 14 – Skinfood Strawberry Black Sugar Mask. This was part of my Birthday Haul where I also got the Honey Black Sugar Mask which I loved. I didn’t care much for this one. I did not see the benefits like I did with the Honey version. It smelled amazing but did not seem to do much for my skin.

Monday, May 15 – L’Oreal Detox & Brighten Treatment Mask. This came in the Target Beauty Box February 2017 and I waited for warmer weather to try it. It did make my face feel clean and will be a good mask this summer. I may buy a full size of this.

I have been seeing some breakouts in the past week or so. I am afraid that it is because I am using masks that are too heavy for my skin. I plan on using fewer hydrating masks and see if that helps.

I am half way through #MaskaDayinMay. It is going faster than I thought it would. It has been difficult to work a mask in on some busy days but I have done it. I have used a variety of mask styles that address a variety of issues. The only mask that really stood out was the L’Oreal clay mask. Now on to the last half of the month.

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