#MaskaDayinMay 5/19 – 5/22

I am over 2/3 of the way through #MaskaDayinMay and I have stuck to my plan to use a different mask each day in May. I have used a variety of masks designed to address a variety of issues. So far my skin does look more hydrated and plump. At times it does look brighter. But I have breakouts on the right side of my face. I don’t know if it is mask related or not. I stuck to mostly sheet masks during this period.

Friday, 5/19 – Suremedic Pore-Less Carbonic Peel. This is a sheet mask that I got in my Monster Sheet Mask Haul a few months back. This mask was on sale for $1 and was the first black sheet mask I have used. I liked this and if I catch it on sale again I will buy more.

Saturday, 5/20 – Malie Vitamin Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask. I bought a bundle of these from Amazon for about $1 each. It is a variety pack with different active ingredients in each. I like these masks. My skin does look better after using them. These are good masks at a good price.

Sunday, 5/21 – Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Tea Tree. Real source mask with fresh moisture squeezed from green tea that moisturizes the skin to deep inside.  I bought several of these in different “flavors” my monster sheet mask haul from http://www.sheetmasks.com. They hydrate fairly well and are decent masks for $1 each.

Monday, 5/21 – Clarisonic Deep Pore Detoxifying Clay Mask – This pore minimizing mask contains natural botanical ingredients, combined with kaolin and bentonite clays gently remove impurities from pores to reveal smoother, softer looking skin. The mask includes 2% hydroxy acids to help remove dead skin cells and detoxify pores. This is a sample size that came with my Clarisonic. After all the sheet masks I felt like I needed a clay mask to help balance my skin.

This month of masks has been a learning experience. For one thing, it has taken a true commitment to using a mask nightly. I get up at 5:00 a.m. for work so bedtime is no later than 9:30. I get home at 5:00 so I have a small window of time to get my mask in. We have had various meetings in the evenings that have left me even less time to mask. But I have persisted!

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