#MaskaDayinMay 5/23-5/25

I am in the home stretch of #MaskaDayinMay and part of me will be glad to get back to my regular schedule. There have been days where it was hard to get a mask done but I have. My skin started out dry and tight so I went with a sheet mask to address that.

Tuesday 5/23 – The Crème Shop Anti-Aging Egg Nog Sheet Mask. The next best thing to a time machine, for instantly younger skin, treat yourself to an egg white facial. Tightens skin by shrinking pores and correcting discolorations. My skin felt dry and tight after washing so I decided I needed a hydrating mask. Read a full review on this mask here.

Wednesday, 5/24 – Innisfree It’s a Real Squeeze Kiwi Mask. This mask was part of my Monster Sheet Mask Haul a few months back. My skin still felt dryer than usual. I picked up several varieties of this mask and I like this the best so far. It smelled wonderful. More like green apple than kiwi but still good. It left my face feeling very hydrated if a bit sticky. I still prefer the Malie sheet masks for my cheap sheet mask.

Thursday, 5/25 – ACURE Pore-Minimizing Red Clay Mask. Moroccan red clay draws out impurities while argan stem cells hydrate and tone for a bright complexion. This is a sample from the Target Beauty Box May 2017. This was my first use of this mask. I’m not certain what I think about it. I’ll have to use it more to get a better feel for it.

I have just a couple of updates left after this. It has been an interesting month and my facial skin has had more attention than I have ever before paid it. I will post a wrap up at the end of the month.

Have you tried any of these masks? Do you like them? Any suggestions on masks I should try? How often do you mask?

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