5 Faves in June

After a wet and chilly May, it is finally getting warm here in Virginia. Summer is right around the corner and that impacts some of the products I am loving this month. My faves this month are mostly new products that are recently discovered with a couple of long-time favorites.

London No. 16 Apothecary English Rose Invigorating Bath & Shower Gel – laden with our bespoke blend of essential oils and skin softening properties our English rose bath and shower gel offers a truly luxurious cleansing experience. Paraben and SLS free.  I have been looking for a nice rose scented body lotion and shower gel for June and finally found it at T.J. Maxx. I love the scent of roses and all the flowers are blooming so a rose scented shower gel is perfect for June. This one is amazing! It honestly smells like my shower is full of fresh rose petals, It has a rich, luxurious lather that just transforms my morning shower into a rose garden.

Convertible Brow – 02 by The BrowGal – The convertible Brow is a powder/pomade duo that acts as a powder when used dry and a pomade when used wet t fill in and apply color and definition to the brows. Each compact has a warm, neutral, and ash tone to allow you to mix your perfect, custom color. If used wet, the palette will revert back to a powder consistency, ensuring the product does not dry out. This full-sized palette sells for $35 and came in Boxycharm May 2017. I had never tried using powder to do my brows. I have been using a pencil and I have used the mascara-like eyebrow products. I wasn’t planning on liking this but after using it once I am loving it. I have been able to do a much better job with my brows using this product.

Living proof.® Perfect hair Day™ (PhD) In-Shower Styler – Air-drying doesn’t mean you have to go product-free. Enhance your strands with this convenient in-shower styling cream that adds texture and definition with magnetic texturizers and cationic resins while also making hair easier to manage without looking or feeling like you put any product in it. Formulated with a hydrophobic resin to control flyaways and the brand’s patented thickening molecule, PBAE, for fullness, it gives your locks effortless movement and body that everyone will think is natural. This was a sample choice item that I specifically picked for Birchbox May 2017. I don’t blow dry so this works for me. I liked it so much that I ordered a full size from Birchbox. It gives my hair so much volume and allows me to go an extra day between shampooing. It makes my naturally wavy hair so soft and full. I absolutely love this.

Dove Detox and Purify Dry Shampoo – Refresh and revive oily hair between washes with Detox & Purify dry shampoo, for beautifully clean results every time. My hair is normal but it gets sweaty in the summer. I like this formula to make it look and smell fresh. Dove is my favorite dry shampoo all around. I got this in a Drugstore Haul recently. I like it better than anything else I have tried.

Tretinoin (Retin-A) – It has now been over a year since I started using tretinoin. I use it 6 nights a week and use an AHA product on the 7th night. I use .5% strength but am trying to work up to .1%. I use the higher strength 2 nights per week. I will go to 3 nights a week at higher strength starting in July. The improvement in my skin is just amazing! It has tightened and firmed my skin and made it look so much better. Starting tretinoin was the best thing I have ever done for my skin.

This is the first time ever in 5 Faves that I have included 2 hair products. I almost never include hair products at all and suddenly I love 2! The Living Proof product has just blown my mind and the Dove dry shampoo never disappoints. The shower gel makes my shower a lovely experience. The Brow Gal palette has changed my brow game as much as much as tretinoin changed my skincare game.

What are your favorite products in June? Have you tried any of my faves? Do you love them like I do?

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