It’s Not You, It’s Me – More Products that Didn’t Work Out #7

I am an admitted makeup and skin care hoarder. I get tons of samples in all the beauty box subscriptions that I have. Those add up but then I also buy more makeup and skincare products all the time no matter how much I already have. I know I have a problem! The upside is that my mother benefits because I give most of these items to her. You can see what other products got passed along herehere, and here. I started out doing it quarterly but I end up collecting products too fast for that so now I do a post every time I gather enough items. These are the products that I am passing on to my mom.

Bath & Body Works Pleasures Cucumber Melon Creamy Body Wash – Cool. Fresh and juicy. Clean and crisp. Cucumber and honeydew melon are a perfect pairing in this cool, collected scent. Naturally pampering ingredients: Moisturizing Oat Protein, Skin-smoothing Milk & Silk Protein, Conditioning Milk Amino Acids. This is part of my huge stash of bath and body products. I put it in the shower to finish it up but the more I used it, the more I realized that I am not overly fond of the scent. I have too many shower gels in scents I like to keep using one that I don’t. Either way, it is out of my linen closet!

Avon Naturals Hand and Body Lotion with Watermelon – Wild about watermelon? Enjoy the aroma of summer’s most mouth-watering fruit in a creamy and refreshing body lotion. This rich formula is absorbed quickly to moisturize, smooth and scent skin. I was using this lotion with the Cucumber Melon body wash. It does not absorb easily into the skin at all and after using it a while I wasn’t really into the scent. I don’t know why I have 2 bottles of this.

Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick in Coral Corruption – What glides on like butter, feels like a second skin and won’t budge? Our Catsuit Matte Lipstick. Made with glammed out superpowers, it goes on glossy yet transforms into a high-pigmented matte finish with some serious staying power. Read our lips: This color is going nowhere. This has been one of the hottest liquid lipsticks to come out recently getting rave reviews all over the internet. So, of course, I had to try it! I originally purchased 2 – Rebel Rose and Pink Very Hard. I absolutely love Rebel Rose but Pink Very Hard was a bad shade for my skin tone. I returned it to CVS and exchanged it for Coral Corruption. This shade is also all wrong for my complexion. The formula and pigmentation are both incredible. The shade range isn’t all that great for my skin tone.

Concealer Palette by Measurable Difference – Featuring 16 versatile shades, this makeup set works for any skin tone. The creamy, blendable formula melts perfectly into the skin, making any blemish or skin flaw disappear. This came in Boxycharm April 2017. I did not like this at all. It is not creamy or blendable. It is stiff and plastic feeling. It just sat on my skin.

The only bad product in this bunch is the concealer and it is truly bad. I doubt my mother will get much use out of it either. It will probably end up in the trash. The Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit is a great formula and hopefully, my mom will like the color more than I did. The bath and body products are fine too. I just have so many that I like the scent better.

Have you tried any of my fails? Did they work for you better than they did for me? What products were you disappointed with recently?

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5 thoughts on “It’s Not You, It’s Me – More Products that Didn’t Work Out #7

  1. The only thing I’ve tried here is The Cucumber shower gel. I didn’t mind it to be honest, but scent is such a personal thing and not everyone will enjoy the same fragrances. I also give lots of my little samples to my Mom, she’s always so excited to get new things to try! 🙂

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