#SeptemberSample Shea Moisture Youth Infusing Cream Cleanser and Face & Neck Creme

Since I have so, so many samples lying around I decided to join this tag on Instagram. Hopefully, I can get through many of my foil samples by the end of the month. They just build up and I never think to use them. I thought I would also write posts about them and share some quick thoughts. Since I will only get 1-3 uses out of most of these I can’t form an in-depth opinion.

I am increasing my tretinoin strength from .05% to .1% and I have had some dry, flaky areas. These samples seemed perfect to try now as they seem richer than my usual night time products. These packets are pretty full so there will be multiple uses from them.

They contain Kukui Nut and Grapeseed Oil. The cleanser promises to Infuse skin with nutrients without over drying or stripping with this gentle cream to foam cleanser. Dissolves makeup and impurities with a unique blend of antioxidants and vitamin rich Kukui Nut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Olive Leaf Extract and Avocado. Leaves skin fresh, smooth and youthfully radiant.

It is a very thick and creamy cleanser. It also has a very strong sweet, floral scent. I am not usually bothered by scent but this was very loud. The first time I used this with my Clarisonic. It burned and stung my face. I have never had that happen with any cleanser. It rinsed off easily and did not leave my face looking red or irritated. My face did feel clean and soft.

The second time I just used my hands to wash my face. It still stung a little but nowhere near as bad as with the Clarisonic. When I added water it made a nice lather. It again rinsed off easily without leaving my face dry, tight, or irritated.

According to the Shea Moisture website, the Face & Neck Creme will Hydrate and illuminate skin with this nutrient rich face and neck cream. Infused with mineral light reflectors to instantly give a brightened and more youthful looking appearance. Kukui Nut and Grapeseed Oils deliver Vitamins D, C, E and beta-carotene to protect while infusing skin with hydrating moisture, leaving skin texture perfect for makeup application.

To begin with, I used these products at night because they are too heavy for me to use in the daytime. I am afraid that I would be a greasy mess. This is a rich, thick creme that felt heavy when I first applied it. It absorbed quicker and better than expected. It also had the strong scent and it lingered. I could smell it all night long.

I did get up with super soft skin though. My face felt wonderful. I was actually pretty pleased with the effects. If only the scent wasn’t so strong and lingering.

I can’t handle the burning that I had with this cleanser. That is not at all good in a facial cleanser. This is nowhere near as gentle as I need a cleanser to be. I would not buy this. The moisturizer is ok but nothing special. And they both have that strong scent. I will pass on both of these.

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