Llang Self Clinic 3 Step Kit Pore Control

I purchased the Llang Self Clinic 3 Step Kit Pore Control in my Monster Sheet Mask Haul from maskshheets. I love that site because they are always having awesome sales. This amazing mask was only $1!! I guess I have spoiled the ending of my review. Read on to see why this is an amazing mask.

20170831_093421Self Clinic 3 Step Kit Pore Control is a celebrity’s secret 3-step pore self-care solution that helps her stay beautiful during her hectic life and long flights

Step 1 – Pore clearing cotton swab
This king-size scrub swab with a 6% AHA content removes dead skin cells and clears pores, leaving your face clean and bright.

Step 2 – Pore tightening memory ampoule
This resilient shape-memory ampoule keeps your facial texture and pore smooth and clean.

Step 3 – Pore purifying black mask
This black sheet mask pack is pure cotton and contains a bamboo charcoal extract that helps remove waste from your face, leaving it clear and moist.

Ingredients: AHA 6%, chestnut peel extract, volcanic clay extract, charcoal powder, tea tree extract, witch hazel extract.

As usual, I did cleanse and tone my face before putting on the mask. I also applied my Tretinoin and waited about 2 hours to allow it sufficient time to absorb and work its magic.

I typically put my serums on under sheet masks to give them extra time to be pressed into my skin but I did not with this mask. I didn’t want to interfere with the swab and serum that you apply under this mask.

This mask was different from other sheet masks I have tried because it comes with a cotton swab that you used first. It contains an AHA and removes the dirt and dead skin so it is ready for the next steps.


The pore cleaning cotton swab smells a little bit medicine. There was no burning or stinging when I applied it. It had ample fluid to thoroughly swab my face.

The 2nd step was to apply a serum directly to the skin. The pore tightening ampule was a dark blue gel-like serum. I wasn’t able to get a good picture of it. It also did not burn or sting going on and really didn’t have any scent


This was one of the rare black sheet masks I have used. The mask felt thick and pulpy and had adequate serum on it. It fit my face well and had a light, fresh scent.

I couldn’t find any directions for how long to leave it on so I left it on for 30-40 minutes. I use a silicone mask cover over sheet masks to keep them pressed into my skin. This helps the serum absorb better and it keeps the mask in place.

When I removed the mask there was a moderate amount of serum that I massaged into my skin. My pores looked better than anything else had ever made them look. This mask was really amazing! I rarely see a noticeable difference in my pores but I did with this mask.

Plus the fact that I got it for a $1!! I was smart enough to order 3 and wish now that I had ordered way more than that. At the time I am writing this post, masksheets.com is sold out of these. You can purchase a box of 5 directly from Llang for $20. That is a good price for such a good mask but $1 is better!

Honestly, I cannot recommend this mask enough. It is the best pore control mask I have used and I use a lot of masks! This one works and gives results that you can see immediately.

Have you tried this mask? Did you see the results that I did? Have you tried any other effective pore control masks?

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