#PLU Body Scrub Hazelnut

Thanks to @0.8l_usa and @plufor allowing me the opportunity to try #plu Body Scrub Hazelnut for only $3.99. The review is my honest opinion of this product. The packaging is perfect. It has a flip top which makes it super easy to use in the shower. You can actually see how much product there is in the tube.


As soon as I opened the tube I loved the scent. It is perfect for fall. It smells warm like coffee and nuts and vanilla. It smells good enough to eat and made my shower smell amazing.The more I have used this the more I like it. It is just amazing.

The scrub has a good texture and it lathers so it can be used as both a scrub and a body wash. It is a paste-like consistency full of very fine exfoliators. It was not harsh at all yet t still scrubbed my skin. It rinsed off easily and left my skin soft and smooth. I am very picky when it comes to body scrubs and I love this one. It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling soft.

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