#OrgaPlusRich Yet Light-Weight Mask Extra

I received a box of the Rich Yet Light-Weight Mask Extra from #08l and #naturennature free to try and share my honest opinion. I use a mask at least 3 times each week so I have used so many different masks. I have to say this is one if the best I have ever tried.


The serum is a thicker milky white serum. It has a light, mild scent that I liked. The mask is 100% Cotton and was soft and saturated with serum. There was also a fair amount of serum left over. I used that on my neck and chest and on my face after I removed the mask.

This mask is a Hybrid Oil Serum that contains several oils and hyaluronic acid. It was a good-sized mask and fit my face well. The eyes, nose and mouth holes lined up well on my face. There was enough mask to fold under my chin. It adhered well to my skin.


Although the directions say to leave it on 10-20 minutes I left it on for 40 minutes. I wanted to give my skin plenty of time to absorb as much of the serum as possible. The mask was still not totally dry but starting to around the edges.

There was still a fair amount of serum left on my face but I just patted it in. My skin readily absorbed it. I also patted in the excess serum and massaged it into my neck and chest. OMG I LOVE this mask!! I took a before and after picture and I see the difference. My face looks brighter and my lines look softer. My face also felt amazing! It was baby soft and smooth. I feel like this mask helped prepare my skin to more easily absorb the moisturizer and oil I applied after removing it.

This is really a great mask. It is one of the best masks I have ever used. My face looked and felt noticeably better. It is simply amazing! #naturennature #orgaplus #richyetlightweightmask #sheetmask #kbeauty #08L

  #naturennature   #orgaplus   #richyetlightweightmask   #sheetmask   #kbeauty

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