#BacktoBabyMask Nourishing Special


I was given the opportunity to try the #BacktoBabyMask Nourishing Special for free from #08L and #3CE. This is a 2-step mask and one of the first thing I noticed when I opened it was that it smells like baby oil or lotion. The scent is mild and I liked it.

You first use a giant q-tip to swab your face with nourishing oils including Olive oil, Macadamia seed oil, Camellia oil. The swab feels very oily and is saturated with the oils. Once you have swabbed either your entire face or just dry areas you put on the sheet mask. The serum on the mask is a creamy white almost lotion serum. The mask is saturated with the serum. The mask itself was very soft. It was a bit small for my face and did not come all the way to the sides of my face. There was enough length to fold it under my jawline.


I left the mask on for 25 minutes and it was starting to dry out. When I removed it there was a lot of visible serum on my face. I massaged it in some and then left it to absorb. It felt creamy and oily on my face but not heavy or greasy. By the time I put on my moisturizer it had fully absorbed and my skin felt very plump and hydrated. It was not sticky or tacky at all.

I really like this mask and it is great for normal to dry skin. With all the oils it might be too much for oily skin. For me, it will be especially perfect in the winter when my skin gets much drier. I recommend this mask if you want to nourish and hydrate your skin.

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4 thoughts on “#BacktoBabyMask Nourishing Special

  1. The mask sounds nice 😀 I’ve heard of the concept where you swap your face, and then add a mask on top, but I’ve never tried one. I’m always down to try new masks, and who doesn’t want to add a little extra moisture to their face 🙂

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