As most of you know I subscribe to multiple beauty boxes/bags. I have accumulated so, so, so many sample blushes, highlights, and single shadows to last a lifetime. I thought a change might do me good.

So, I considered all my current subscriptions and determined that I had not been overly thrilled with Ipsy the past several months. The sample sizes were too often so small that it was nearly impossible to get a brush in them. And how many bronzish single eyeshadows does 1 person need? And blushes?

I thought I needed to go in a different direction and I picked the TutiiMask subscription. It is $13.95 per month on the month-to-month plan. You can expect to get 7-8 masks in each bag. I recently received my first bag and you can keep reading to see what I got.

Missha X We Bare Bears Herb in Nude Sheet Mask Moisturizing Care – Highly adhesive mask with strong brew of rose flower ingredients to help provide moisture making skin radiant. Natural-derived cellulose sheet which is extremely thin and translucent, even letting the skin show through. Highly adhesive mask with soft texture as silk. This line of masks appears to be a limited edition using characters from The Cartoon  Network. I love roses in skincare so I am looking forward to trying this.

Missha X We Bare Bears Herb in Nude Sheet Mask Firming Care – Highly adhesive mask with strong brew of rooibos ingredients to help provide elasticity, making skin smooth and firm. Rooiboos appears to be an African tea. I would like to have smooth and firm skin so that is good.

Missha X We Bare Bears Herb in Nature Hydrating Care –  Highly adhesive mask with strong brew of green tea ingredients to help prevent skin dryness, making skin moisturized. Winter is coming so hydrating masks are what I will be needing.

Eco Beyond Herb Garden Rose Hip – Rose hip herbs intensively hydrate and rejuvenate skin, leaving skin firm and elastic. More roses! I hope this is a good mask.

Eco Beyond Herb Herb Garden Tea Tree – Tea tree herbs impart refreshing moisture, which helps soothe irritated skin and keep skin clear. I never buy tea tree masks because I feel like it is more for oily, acne-prone skin. I’m too old for acne and my skin needs hydration in the fall and winter.

Milatte Fashiony Collagen Mask – a highly concentrated nourishing mask sheet that contains Collagen derived by Soy Bean. It helps to restore moisture, elasticity, reduce fine lines and diminish signs of aging. Regular usage will help complexion appear fresher, cleaner and more youthful. Certified double functional cosmetic for Whitening and Anti-Wrinkle by KFDA. Key Ingredients: Niacinamide, Beta-Glucan, Trehalose, Sodium Hyaluronate, Apply Fruit Extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen (0.1%), Brown Algae Extract, Allantoin, Adenosine. This sounds like the best mask in the bunch. It has some great ingredients.

Flor De Man Essential Watermelon Juice! – A sheet mask made with ultra hydrating watermelon extract. Watermelon plants have their own defense system that protects itself
from drought, heat, and UV rays. Its extract in skin care alleviates redness from sun exposure and restores skin vitality. 
This has the cutest packaging. I have never used a watermelon mask so it will be fun. This does seem more like a summer mask to me though.

Overall I am pleased with my first TutiiMask bag. I am most looking forward to trying Milatte Fashiony Collagen Mask and the Eco Beyond Herb Garden Rose Hip. I love trying new masks and this will introduce me to new ones that I would probably have not tried otherwise.

Have you tried this subscription? Have you tried other mask subscription services? Did you like them?

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