The #OctoberMaskChallenge was hosted by @halfpastoctober on Instagram. I decided to participate because I have so many masks that I need to use and because my skin has been having some flaky spots. I wasn’t able to do every day because I didn’t have masks for every day.

Read on to see what the theme was for each day and what mask I choose for that day.

  1. Tea – Llang On the Skin Mask Sheet Tea from United Kingdom. These masks come in the cutest packaging! It left my face bright and hydrated.
  2. Rice – Leaders Labotica Rice Skin Soft Mask. This was a good mask that was hydrating.
  3. Aloe – Nots Soothing Multi Gel Mask. This was a hydrating mask but it was thin and flimsy. I tore it trying to get it on. I wouldn’t repurchase. This was in my Ipsy Mask Bundle.
  4. Egg. I didn’t have any masks that featured egg so I skipped this day.
  5. Mud – Glamglow PowerMud Dual Cleanse Treatment. This makes my skin soft and my pores look better. This is a sample from  Birchbox October 2016. I am glad I got to try it but I just won’t pay $70 for a mask.
  6. Yeast – This was another day I skipped. I couldn’t find a yeast mask in my stash.
  7. Snail – Malie Snail Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask. This is a super cheap mask that I picked up on Amazon as part of a bundle. It cost less than $1 and does a good job of hydrating my face.
  8. H2O – Dr. Althea Water Glow Skin Renewal Hydrogel Mask. This was my first use of a 2-piece mask. It made my face look bright and plump. I liked it a lot.
  9. Berry – Skinfood Black Sugar Strawberry Wash Off Mask. This mask smells wonderful but I can’t see where it does a lot for my face. I won’t repurchase. Read a full review here.
  10. Oil – Orga Plus Rich Yet Light-Weight Mask Extra. I got this mask for free from #08L and #naturenature to try for an honest review. It is a serum oil hybrid and it is an amazing mask! My face glowed! I will be buying these. I have a review of this mask here.
  11. Flower – Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask. I was not impressed with this mask. I won’t be paying $70 for a full size.
  12. Citrus – Leaders Insolution Coconut Gel Mask with Orange. I am a hig fan of Leaders’ masks. They are some of the best sheet masks out there and this was no execption. It adheres like a second skin and leaves my face bright, soft, and plump. Loved it!
  13. Cocoa – I had a great mask for this day but I just never got around to using it.
  14. Honey – Skinfood Black Sugar Honey Wash Off Mask. I love, love, love this mask. It makes my face feel incredible. Plus you can get this at Ulta for around $10. Try it. You will love it too. You can read my full review here.
  15. Pearl – My Beauty Diary Royal Pearl. This mask brightened and hydrated my skin. I liked it.
  16. Sugar – Freeman Black Sugar and Charcoal Polishing Mask. This has been in my stash for a while and gets used regularly.  It exfoliates and softens. The only downside is that it is messy.
  17.  Cactus – My Beauty Diary Mexico Cactus. I really liked this mask. It smelled really good and left  my face bright and hydrated.
  18. Milk – Repiel Timeless Line-Shot Bio Mask. This is another mask that I received from #08L to review. It fit the theme because it ahs milk lipids in it. This is another great mask. It fit well and did minimize my fine lines a bit.
  19. Yogurt. I did not have any yogurt masks on hand so I made my own. I used yogurt, honey, and strawberry. I didn’t see much benefit and the smell of yogurt the whole time I had it on was pretty bad.
  20. Caviar – I skipped this day because I didn’t have any masks with caviar.
  21. Collagen – The Crème Shop Collagen Face Mask. This mask was just ok. I got a box of 5 for about $5 at TJ Maxx. I won’t repurchase.
  22. Ginseng – Another skipped day. I had nothing with ginseng.
  23. Seaweed – Llang On the Skin Mask Sheet Seaweed from JeJu. This was another super cute package. This is a nice mask and it was part of my Monster Sheet Mask Haul  from masksheets.com.
  24. Mushroom – nothing for this day’s theme either.
  25. Bird’s Nest – My Beauty Diary Imperial Bird’s Nest.  This was my first mask with Bird’s Nest in it and I really liked it. It was very hydrating.
  26. Bee Venom – Skinfood Propolis & Bee Venom. This was one of, if not the, best masks I used all month. I could see an obvious improvement right after use and the next day.
  27. Coconut – Studio 35 Beauty Nourishing Mask Coconut. This mask was nothing special. I won’t buy it again.
  28. Flower – Tony Moly I’m Real Lotus Sheet Mask. This is just a basic, hydrating mask. They are inexpensive on Amazon and Ebay and they always leave my skin hydrated.
  29. Camellia – Back to Baby Mask Nourishing Special. You can read the full review here. I like this one a lot and it has camellia oil in it.
  30. Vegetable – Skinfood Red Beet. This was probably my least liked mask that I used this month. It did not adhere to my face at all around the edges. After 20 minutes it was just falling off my face.
  31. Hyaluronic Acid – Nature Love Hyaluronic Face Mask. I picked this up cheap at TJ Maxx. It fit well and left my face hydrated.


My favorite masks from this month were Skinfood Propolis & Bee Venom, Orga Plus Rich Yet Light-Weight Mask Extra, My Beauty Diary Mexico Cactus, Leaders Insolution Coconut Gel Mask with Orange, Back to Baby Mask Nourishing Special, Skinfood Black Sugar Honey Wash Off Mask, and My Beauty Diary Royal Pearl.

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