I received the #repiel #syringemask #timelesslineshotbiomask from Repiel and #08L for free to try for an honest review. I got a pack with 5 masks in it. They came in a package that looked like a syringe.


The mask was inside and was saturated with serum. The serum was a watery essence that smelled amazing. It was a floral scent. The #sheetmask was between 2 mesh sheets. It fit my face well and the mouth, nose, and eye holes were a good size and fit my face well. The mask also fit my face well.


It felt very cooling on my face. I left it on for about 40 minutes and it was starting to dry a bit. It adhered well to my face. When I removed it I had to peel it off. Most of the serum had absorbed into my skin. It was not tacky or sticky at all.

My face felt super hydrated and plump. My lines did look a bit less noticeable. I really like this mask a lot and am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to try it. I love how the mask adheres to my skin and how much better my skin looks after I use it.

#repiel #syringemask #timelesslineshotbiomask #kbeauty #sheetmask #08L


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