Llang Self Clinic 3 Step Moisturizing

I purchased the Llang Self Clinic 3 Step Kit Moisturizing in my Monster Sheet Mask Haul from maskshheets. I love that site because they are always having awesome sales. I am in the process of moving to a higher strength of tretinoin and I needed a moisturizing mask to help with mild flaking. This is a fun mask and I have also tried the Llang Self Clinic 3 Step Kit Pore Control.

Self Clinic 3 Step Kit Moisturizing is a celebrity’s secret 3-step self-care solution that helps her face stay moist and supple even after being showered by paparazzi flashes.

Step-1 – Aqua peel cotton swab
This king-size scrub swab with a 6% AHA content effectively removes old dead cells from your face, leaving it smooth.

Step-2 – Aqua volume water capsule ampoule
This moisturizing ampoule generously moisturizes your face with its compounds and moisture capsules that melt on your face, leaving it resilient and moist.

Step-3 – Aqua coating cotton mask
This mask pack made of cotton filaments has a high moisture absorption and retention functionality and tightly adheres to your skin to ensure that moisture and effective elements remain on your face for an extended period.

Ingredients: AHA 6%, centella extract, lotus extract, bamboo extract, chamomile extract, witch-hazel extract.

I love that this mask has such a small list of ingredients. Most masks have dozens of ingredients with most being hard to say or spell. This is not only small but very basic and natural ingredients.

After removing my makeup, cleansing my face and using toner I apply my tretinoin (generic for Retin A). I wait for about 2 hours to allow the tretinoin to fully absorb and do its thing.

The first step is a swab with AHA on it. The swab felt drier than expected and is yellowish in color. It didn’t burn or sting at all on my face. It had no scent at all. The second step is to apply the serum. The serum is pearlescent and a thicker consistency that still feels watery on the face. It wasn’t too sticky or tacky.

The mask is very thin but soft and saturated with serum. It is hard to get it open. It fit my face as good as any sheet mask ever has. I put my silicone mask cover over the sheet mask and left it on about 40 minutes. It has a light floral scent. It felt good on my face.

There was a lot of serum left on my face when I removed the mask. I massaged it into my skin and most of it did absorb. I let it sit for a minute or 2 and spritzed my face with rose water. It felt tacky and a bit sticky. Then I applied rosehip oil mixed with my moisturizer.

The next morning my face did feel hydrated and soft. I had no flaking at all from the increased strength of tretinoin. I just increased how many days I am using the higher strength so it was great to have no flaking after using this mask.

I really like this mask. It is fun to use, the mask itself fits like a second skin AND it works. I cannot believe I got it for $1. I will keep my eyes open and hope that masksheets.com get them back in stock so that I can stock up.

Have you tried this mask or any others in this line? I have been totally impressed with the 2 types I have tried. What is your favorite sheet mask? Your favorite mask?

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