#GLAMSKIN Instant Brightening Cream

Thanks to #granbeauty and #08L I was able to try this #glamskin #instantbrighteningcream with Papaya and Grapefruit for $3.99 in exchange for an honest review. This cream says it will brighten your skin.

This is a lightweight cream that has the faintest grapefruit scent. It has a silky feel. It absorbs fairly quickly but does leave a bit of shine. It did not make my face look oily it just wasn’t matte. This brightening cream did not have any negative effects on my skin. It did not cause any breakouts or sensitivity.


I was using it in place of my morning moisturizer because I wasn’t really sure where it should fit into my routine. It worked really well with my other skincare and makeup. There was no pilling or rolling. I do think I saw some brightening from this cream. It was also moisturizing enough to keep my face moisturized all day.

At times it seemed like it left a white cast on my face. I looked paler than usual and had to use more bronzer to put some color back into my face. Given the lightening effect of this product, I don’t think that I would purchase this. I am pale enough that I don’t need a product that lightens my skin. If that is something you are looking for then this is something you should try. The lightening effect was my only issue with it

. #granbeauty #glamskin #instantbrighteningcream #kbeauty #skincare #08L

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