#FriendsMasking Challenge

I was very ambitious in November and decided I would try to participate in 2 Instagram challenges. I enjoy taking part in these challenges and it gives me the motivation to use up my mask collection! I used a lot of the same masks in this challenge that I did in #MarvelousMaskChallenge. Read on for the themes for each day and if I had a mask that fit the theme. I did not have a mask for every day but I did most of them.

This challenge was based on the different kinds of friends that you might have.

1. The Bright One – Manefit Lily Whitening and Brightening. The serum in this was thick and sticky and I didn’t like how it felt on my face. It did lighten and brighten but felt super sticky doing it.

2. The Responsible One – Epielle 3-Step Complete Facial Kit Vitamin C & E. This had a cleanser, a sheet mask, and a serum.  I didn’t care for the scent or the tackiness after removing the mask. I thought it fit this theme because it was responsible enough to have all I needed in 1 package.

3. Average Joe – Studio 35 Beauty Nourishing Mask Coconut. I picked this because it is cheap, you can buy it at CVS, and it is just an average mask. It did not do much at all.

4. The Influencer – Origins Maximizer. This is a spray that is supposed to make your masks more effective. I don’t know that I saw anything amazing from it.

5. The Flexible One – Masqueology Charcoal Modeling Mask. You mixed this mask up in the package. It was hard to do and I clearly did not add enough water. This mask is too much bother for me.

6. The Wicked One  – Freeman Beauty Banana – Oat Instant Smoothing Mask. This AHA containing mask is an old favorite. It burns like fire but leaves my face so very smooth

7. The Loyal Friend – Leaders 7 Wonder Mediterranean Olive Brightening Mask. The 7 wonders line of sheet masks is my favorite. These are such effective masks that feel nice to use.

8. The Moocher – I didn’t have a mask to fit this theme either.

9. The Dramatic One – OMG! 2 in  1 Kit Detox Bubbling Microfiber Mask. There are 2 sheet masks in this set. The first bubbles and the 2nd is like your usual sheet mask. The bubble mask didn’t remove my makeup like it said it would. I probably would not repurchase this mask.

10. The Caffeine Addict – By Nature Coffee + Coconut Oil Exfoliating Face Mask.  This left my face dry and tight. I won’t repurchase.

11. The Go-Getter – SooAe Honey Bubble Mask. This mask left my face feeling dry and tight. I won’t repurchase. I thought this fit the theme because bubbling is going the extra mile. Plus, I love honey.

12.The Joker – I couldn’t think of any masks that I had to fit this theme.

13. The Sweetheart –  Freeman Feeling Beautiful Chocolate & Strawberry Clay Mask. This mask smells like brownie batter and leaves my face soft.

14. The Penny Pincher – Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque.  This iconic mask is still under $5. This smells amazing. It leaves my face soft and smooth with less visible pores. It is a keeper.

15. The Minimalist – Privai Aqua Gel Mask. This is a simple little mask that you can massage in and leave on or tissue off after 10-15 minutes. It is very hydrating.

16. The Classy One – The Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask. What is more classy than roses and a British accent? This is one of my very favorite masks. There are rose petals in it! It leaves my face looking and feeling so much better. It really does plump the face and leaves it so soft and smooth.

17. The Fit One – Repiel Timeless Line-Shot Bio Mask. This is such a great mask! It fits like a 2nd skin and makes my face look and feel wonderful.

18. The Forgotten – Clarisonic Deep Pore Detoxifying Mask. This is your typical clay mask. It deep cleans my pores and leaves my skin soft and smooth.

19. Animal Lover – Skinfood Salmon. Another good mask from Skinfood.

20. The Foodie – Andalou Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask. This is a good mask. The smell is amazing and it makes my face look better.

21. The Sensitive One – My Beauty Diary Aloe Vera. This was one of my favorite masks of the month. It left my face looking and feeling so good. It lasted into the next day.

22. The Gossip – King Beauty Collagen Lip Mask. This was my first lip mask and I was not impressed. It would not stay on and I gave up after less than 5 minutes.

23. The Upscale One – Peter Thomas Roth 24 Kt Gold Mask. This was a shiny gold mask! It was sticky and hard to spread. I didn’t love it.

24. The Optimistic One. I couldn’t think of any mask I had that fit the theme.

25. The Calm One – 23.5 N Rice Soothing Gel Mask. It promises to “intensely soothe irritated and dull skin with a hydration bath to reveal brighter complexion. Smooth, calm, and brighten irritated skin. ” This mask was just ok.

26. The Skeptic. I skipped this day because I didn’t know what to pick for the theme.

27. The Stylish One – Milatte Fashiony Collagen Mask. The packaging was so cute on this one. It was an ok mask but it left my face so sticky. I wouldn’t use it again because I hate stickiness.

28. The Chameleon – Glamglow PowerMud Dual Cleanse Treatment. This mask goes on as a clay type mask. Once it dries you add water and it becomes an oil cleanser.  This is a good mask but I only tried it because I got this sample in a subscription bag/box. I would not pay $70 for a mask.

29. The Nurturer – Masker Aide Weather Warrior. This mask definitely had the cutest packaging of the month. It was a really good mask too.

30. The Nature Lover – Eco Beyond Herb Garden Rose Hip.  The rose hip is supposed to intensively hydrate and rejuvenate skin leaving t firm and elastic. The essence was creamy white. It didn’t feel heavy or greasy but I  prefer a clear watery or gel essence.  It left my skin plump and hydrated.

I am happy that I was able to complete most of this challenge. I had to be creative to get masks in n some days but I did it.

I pulled out some old friends this month like British Plumping Rose fresh Plumping Mask, Leaders 7 Wonders Mediterranean Brightening Mask, and Privai Aqua Gel.

I found some new masks that I like. My Beauty Diary Aloe Vera was an outstanding mask. There were some disappointments too.  The lip masks were a total fail. The By Nature Caffeine and Coconut Oil was pretty bad.

Have you participated in any online challenges? Do you use masks regularly? What are some of your favorites?

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