KStyles Mini Box

I discovered KStyles on Instagram. It is a Korean website that sells curated boxes, masks, socks, and kbeauty products.  The curated mini boxes sell for $19.99, $29.99, and $49.99 based on size. I purchased a mini box that had masks, socks, and Korean tea and candy. It was the $19.99 box but it had been marked down to $7.99.

It came with 7 masks, 3 pieces of candy, 2 packs of tea, 2 foil samples and a pair of socks. The candy was in grape, peach, and milk ball.  I don’t know what kinds of tea because it is in Korean. There was a packet of something called Maxim that I think is instant coffee.

I was super surprised to get 7 masks. I was also surprised at how quickly my box came.  Read on for details on the mask that I received. The masks are picked based on your skin concerns.  The choices are whitening, pore, nutrient, or soothing and I chose nutrient.

Papa Recipe Bombee Whitening Honey Mask Pack  – With glutathione and diamond powder among its ingredients, this mask leaves skin brighter, younger-looking and clearer with each use. Apply on cleansed and toned face for up to 20 minutes. Remove and pat in any remaining essence. I have read good things about Papa Recipe masks on social media. I ordered 2 in my  Latest Monster Sheet Mask Haul but did not get this one. I am looking forward to trying it.

Holika Holika Pure Essence Sheet Mask Avocado – These mask sheets are formulated with no artificial fragrance, which makes them perfect for sensitive skin. Additionally, the sheets are super thin which allows the skin to easily breathe and absorb product. Avocado is used to deeply moisturize and soothe the skin, improving overall elasticity and youthfulness of skin. Avocados also contain antioxidants which help fight signs of aging and skin sagging. Milk protein extract has lactic acid which allows deep absorption of beneficial ingredients and strengthens skin’s natural barrier. I am aware of the brand Holika Holika but this will be my first time trying anything from them.

Beyond Intensive Ampoule Phytoplacenta – Phytoplacenta ampoule rich in vitality strengthens skin, leaving it vital. I like the packaging of this and I hope to like it.

TONYMOLY Prestige Jeju Mayu Treatment Mask Sheet – intensive moisturizing and anti-wrinkle dual functional cosmetics. The mask sheets make skin soft and healthy without any taut feel by forming a moisture over skin. Contains 10,000 ppm Horse-Cera for a healthy, glowing skin. Horse oil seems to be big in sheet masks right now. I have a Skinfood Horse Oil mask that I still haven’t tried. I guess I need to try one of them.

Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet Royal Jelly –  Royal Jelly Extract provides skin nutrition and glow for elastic skin. Three layers of cellulose provide essence deep into skin. I love anything with honey in it so I am excited to get this.

Clacell Babyface Water Shining Repair Mask – has mask pack, cleansing foam and brightening eye serum all-in-one. Therefore, you can treat your face only with one pack. It is so convenient. This is a nice mask for travel since it has a cleanser and eye serum. This may go in my travel skincare bag.

Scinic Intensive Dual Mask Snail Solution – This intensive dual mask will make your skin moist and smooth by improving its vitality and elasticity with the help of Snail Secretion Filtrate and Red Ginseng Root Extract! The T-zone and V-zone sheets will closely adhere to the skin to help your complexion absorb its anti-aging essence. This is my first 2-piece mask. I love snail too so this looks to be another good mask.

A pair of cute socks comes in each box. These are not only cute but good quality too. I wore them with snow boots today and they felt so comfortable. I wear socks daily in the winter so they will be much appreciated.

Finally, I got 2 foil samples. I received TONYMOLY Intense Care Gold Snail Cream and Enprani Premiercell Volume Lifting Serum. I will try these at some point. Samples like this are just too small for skincare products. I can’t tell after 1 use if something is effective and works for my skin.

I am totally thrilled with my first Mini Box from KStyles. It was packed full of amazing and fun products. I am overwhelmed by the quality and thoughtfulness of this box. The curation is simply outstanding. I will be ordering more!

Have you tried the Mini Boxes from KStyles? Were you as thrilled with yours as I am with mine? Have you found similar items somewhere? I am always looking for new variety boxes to try out.

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