I purchased this Bonajour Greentea AHA Peeling Mask at a reduced price from #bonajour and #0.8L in exchange for an honest review. This review is based on 2 uses of this product.

It comes in a heavy tube with a flip top. I like flip tops and it makes it easy to dispense this product. It is a white gel-like gritty substance. It has a really nice fruity scent.

I applied a small amount to my dry face. Immediately it started rolling up into little balls. This is supposed to be dead skin sloughing off. Once it starts balling up it feels very dry and more like a scrub. It rinsed off easily and cleanly.

My face felt smoother but it also felt kind of dry and tight.  There was no stinging or burning while I was using this product. However, the products I applied after did sting a bit. That is highly unusual because I use very hydrating products.  The day after my first use of this my face was unusually dry and flaky. I have been experiencing some dryness around my mouth and chin but it was significantly worse.

This may be too harsh for my skin. Or maybe just my winter skin. It might work on my summer skin. I may save this and try it again in the summer. I like the concept of this product and I like to incorporate AHA’s into my routine.  It does make my skin smoother but I think it also dries it out. Again, that may not be the case for me in the summer. I am having some dry patches right now due to the dryer, colder air. This just may too much right now.

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