Elizavecca Hell Pore Perfect Wine Peeling Pads

Thanks to @0.8l_usa  and #Elizavecca I was able to try the Elizavecca Hell Pore Perfect Wine Sparkling Peeling Pad for a reduced price in exchange for an honest review.


The packaging on this product is just too cute. I love everything about the box. The pads come in a large plastic tube with a screw off cap. There are 30 pads in the tub and a fair amount of red, watery liquid. The pads are quite saturated with the liquid.  There is a sweet scent but I don’t think it smells much like wine.


The pads have a smooth side and a textured side. You put the pad on your finger and use it. It has a hole to slide a finger in. I am not certain which side is supposed to be used first and I have done both. I can’t see that it makes much difference which side I use first.

I’m not really sure what I think of this product. I use Retin A and I have struggled to figure out where to add this to my nighttime routine. I can’t use it before my Retin A because it leaves a tacky feeling on my skin. Retin A is supposed to be applied to bare skin. I don’t want to use it after Retin A because it would just wipe it away.  Tonight I used it and then rinsed my face after I was done. That took care of the sticky feeling so this is how I will use it in the future.

Other than the stickiness I don’t see that the pads have done much if anything for my skin. Maybe I need to try and use them regularly but as I said they don’t fit into my routine easily. I don’t see buying these again because I don’t think I have a need for a product like this.  #Elizaveccaperfectwine#elizaveccapeelingpad #peeling#peelingpad #makeupapplication #08L

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