A Month of Masks – December 2017

I have been trying to mask every day now that it is getting cold and dry. I did manage to mask almost every day this month. I decided to make this its own post because there are just too many masks to include it in my empties post. Regular daily use has helped to keep my skin looking healthy and hydrated. I will group the masks into Good, Bad, and Mediocre.


  • Biobelle #Primer – this mask is used before you apply makeup to give you a flawless application. It is a good mask. I really like all the Biobelle masks I have tried.
  • The Cure Honey Collagen Essence Mask – I love honey based masks and this was no exception.
  • Orga Plus Rich Yet Light-Weight Mask Extra – this is a wonderful winter mask.
  • My Beauty Diary Hyaluronic Acid Mask – My Beauty Diary is one of my favorite brands of masks. This is another great one from this brand.
  • The Creme Shop Anti-Aging Egg Nog Sheet Mask  – another favorite.
  • The Creme Shop Nice All I Want for Christmas is Dew  – I liked this one a lot.
  • The Creme Shop Nice Holiday Cheer and Clear – I didn’t realize when I got this that it was for acne but I liked it anyway.
  • Peach Slices Calm Jasmine + Chamomile Sheet Mask – I participated in a Secret Santa on Instagram and this was part of my gift. I had never tried Peach Slices masks before and I like them. They are thin and adhere well with lots of essence. I will be trying more.
  • The Cure Argan Oil Collagen Essence Mask – my face felt very hydrated and plump after this mask.
  • Llang Natural Energy Fitting Mask Royal Jelly – this mask was totally amazing! It left my face feeling incredible. It was plump, hydrated and bouncy. This was easily one of the best, if not THE best masks of the month.
  • Llang Organic Cotton Blossom Mask Tea Tree – another good mask from Llang. I don’t think I have ever had a bad one and I have tried a few.
  • The Creme Shop Nice Last Christmas Forever Young Face Mask – I liked this Christmas mask too.
  • Sur. Medic Vital Collagen – I have used a few different masks in this line and they are all good masks.
  • 3CE Back to Baby Mask Nourishing Special – this is a super hydrating mask that leaves my face baby soft.
  • Jeju Natural Canola Honey Mask – I loved this mask! I am a sucker for honey in skincare and this had a sweet honey scent too. My face glowed after using it.
  • The Creme Shop An Elf’s Workshop Resveratol Sheet Mask – this was easily my favorite of the limited edition holiday masks. I saw visible results with this one. My face looked plump and super hydrated. I wish I could find more of these.
  • The Creme Shop Roses are Red, Violets are Blue – another limited edition mask but luckily I have a box of 5 of these. They smell so good and hydrate so well.


  • Epielle Vitamin C & E 3-Step Complete Facial Kit – this was another Marshall’s find and was $2.99 for a 3 pack. I did not like this so the other 2 went in gift bags to see if my friends might like them better.
  • The Creme Shop A Snowman’s Story Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask – the packaging was cute but the mask was not very good at all.
  • Spa Life Brightening Papaya Facial Mask – this was absolutely awful. It was dry with very little essence on itThe mask was stiff and it dried quickly on my face. It didn’t do anything for my skin at all.
  • Elizavecca Deep Honey Power Ranger Mask Pack – I picked this up while Christmas shopping because I do love a mask with honey. Except for this one. It was dry out of the pack with poor adherence. It basically dod nothng for my skin.


  • Spa Life Hydrating Facial Wrap – I got this 3 pack at TJ Maxx for $1.99. It was an ok mask and I used one and put the other 2 in Christmas gift bags.
  • Eco Beyond Herb Garden Rose Hip – this mask was supposed to hydrate the skin and add firmness and elasticity. I didn’t see that it did much of anything.
  • The Creme Shop Collagen Face Mask – nothing about this mask stood out for me. It is fine for a daily mask but won’t make a significant improvement.
  • Innisfree Its Real Squeeze Pomegranate – other people seem to love the Its Real Squeeze line of masks but they don’t thrill me. They have a nice scent but they don’t do much beyond basic hydration.
  • Leader’s Insolution Anti-Aging Treatment Mask – I bought a box of 20 of these for a good price. I love the Leader’s 7 Wonders line so I was excited to try this. It is a decent mask with the great fit and adherence of my beloved 7 Wonders masks. It just doesn’t do a lot beyond hydration. I used these for 3 days because they are expiring soon. I will finish up the box in January.

My 2 absolute favorite masks in December was the Llang Natural Energy Fitting Mask Royal Jelly and The Creme Shop An Elf’s Workshop Resveratol Mask. These were both amazing with dramatic visible results. Unfortunately, The Creme Shop mask was limited edition and I have been unable to find more of the Llang one.

I was happy to mask 26 of 31 days in December. That is pretty impressive considering how hectic the month was. My hope is to mask daily in January but we shall see.

What are your favorite sheet masks? Any recommendations? Where do you get your masks?

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2 thoughts on “A Month of Masks – December 2017

  1. This is so awesome! I did a full month of masking before and my skin was super pampered! Thanks for breaking down which ones worked for you. I’m going to check out the Llang Natural Energy Fitting Mask Royal Jelly mask!

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