I was given the opportunity to try the Bubble Bubble Chef Cushion for $3.99 by #0.8l_usa and #wishformula . It is a bubble peeling pad with Vitamin C for antioxidation, Hyaluronic Acid for moisturizing, AHA for cell revitalizing, Organic-7 for brightening, and Fermented Extract Complex-3 for nourishing. It is an all-around product that promises many benefits to the skin.


It comes in a box with 4 packets of solution and a cushion to apply. You put the cushion inside the solution packet and squeeze and massage to create bubbles. The solution has a pleasant citrus scent and makes lots of creamy bubbles.



You use the textured side of the cushion first for 1 minute to clean and exfoliate. You then use the smooth side to pat the vitamins into your skin.  The bubbles feel soft and creamy with some mild tingling. My face is a bit red after rinsing but doesn’t feel irritated or tight at all.


It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. Once the redness goes away my skin does look brighter. I also think that the skincare products I use after this are better absorbed into my skin.

This is a winner for me! It is a gentle but effective peel with some awesome ingredients. My skin looks and feels better. I would definitely repurchase.

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