I received this product for free from 08.L and Elizavecca for my honest review. I had been wanting to add an essence to my routine to help with my dehydrated skin. This was a great chance to try one for free!

I have been using this essence twice a day for a week now. I am using it both morning and night. I use it after my toner in the morning. At night I use tretinoin after my toner. I use the essence after my tretinoin has had time to be fully absorbed.


It is a light lotion that bubbles as you rub it your face. It is very light and absorbs almost instantly. It doesn’t leave my face sticky or tacky and my other products work well with it. It doesn’t feel like anything on my skin once it absorbs.


I think it helps the products I apply after it absorb better. I don’t know that it helps with hydration but it may help the products that follow be more effective.I am very satisfied with this product and will continue using it. Once I finish this bottle I will probably try a different essence to see if I can find a hydrating one.

Do you use an essence? What do you like? Do you have any recommendations for one that hydrates? How do you incorporate an essence into your routine?

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