The Creme Shop Charcoal Almond Fusion Mask

I am a huge fan of the Creme Shop sheet masks – The Creme Shop Anti-Aging Egg Nog Sheet MaskThe Creme Shop Limited Edition Let it Glow Ultra-Moisturizing Jojoba Oil Sheet MaskThe Creme Shop A Snowman’s Story Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask and The Creme Shop Nice Last Christmas Forever Young Face Mask. I have tried a few and loved almost all that I have tried.

You can find this brand at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and CVS. They are inexpensive and effective. I got this particular mask as part of a friendmail on Instagram. I had looked at it many times at my TJ Maxx but didn’t pick up a box because I have a ton of sheet masks to use first. So, I was happy when the lovely and sweet @dianaloveskincare sent me one to try.

From The Creme Shop website:

The Crème Shop’s fusion sheet mask is designed to deliver the benefits of two masks with just one application. Charcoal’s superpower: Ultra-magnetic. Charcoal sticks to toxins and removes them from skin’s deepest, darkest pores. Helps prevent future breakouts & blemishes. Almond oil’s super power: Balancing agent. Vitamin’s A, B, and E found in almond oil hydrate and condition the skin to render a silky-soft complexion.

Not only is each mask infused with nutritious ingredients, it is also rich in the ultimate moisturizer: hyaluronic acid. Hyarulonic acid’s super power: Retains moisture. One gram can hold up to six liters of water. When skin lacks moisture, it can become cracked, aged, and dull. Hyaluronic acid keeps skin young and perfectly dewy.


This is the first black mask that I have tried from The Creme Shop. I should have expected that a charcoal mask would be black but I didn’t. The mask had a very light scent that is somewhat sweet smelling.

The essence was thin and watery. There was not much excess in the package but the mask was saturated. It felt soft and pulpy. It was really hard to open up. It was an odd size and shape and barely fit my face. The adherence was good.


I left it on for almost 40 minutes and it was drying out. There was serum left on my face. I patted it in and allowed it to fully absorb. It absorbed fairly quickly and was not sticky or tacky. My nighttime skincare products applied well over it and seemed to soak right into my face.

I like this mask a lot. My pores looked smaller overall. They looked clean too. My face was also soft and smooth. It looked plump and bright. My face looked much better after using the Charcoal Almond Fusion Sheet Mask than it did before and that is the goal.

This is another really good sheet mask from The Creme Shop. They do really nice masks and I love the fusion line. I am always thrilled to see them at TJ Maxx and Marshalls because I know they are good.

Have you tried masks from The Creme Shop? Which have you tried? Did you like them? What sheet masks do you love?

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