I am so happy that I had the chance to try this for $3.99 from #08.L and #granbeauty. The Glamskin Moisturizing Gel Mist smells amazing! It is the best smelling facial mist I have ever used. It smells like citrus fruit and is so refreshing.

It looks like a gel inside the bottle and looks like it would be too thick to spray out. It isn’t though and it doesn’t feel like a gel on the skin. It is a bit heavier than a typical mist but it absorbs easily. I use this mist at night before I put on my moisturizer. Damp skin absorbs products better.

I would honestly purchase this for the scent alone. It feels good on my skin but that scent! #granbeauty #glamskin #moisturizinggelmist #skincare #kbeauty #08L

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