Confessions of a Hoarder

In January I participated in #abnewyearsstashchallenge on Instagram. There were different categories and I am sharing some of my stash from that challenge.

I freely admit that I have way too much stuff but FOMO is real! I thought I only had a problem with bath and body products but I have a huge stash of makeup too. I try to use all that I have but 1 person can only use so much of any product.

The featured picture some of my shower gels and all my body lotions/butters. I have many more shower gels than in this picture. I love shower gels and body lotions. If I like a scent I just have to buy it. I try to match my scent with the season.


These are pictures of my facial mists, primers, and foundations. I have recently started using facial mists and I am liking them. Most of my primers are samples from subscription boxes. I bought the elf primer and the one from Rimmel. I don’t have any one primer that I love. I don’t honestly see that primers do a whole lot for me.

The bottom 2 pictures are foundations. The ones on the left are open and I am working to finish them up. I have almost finished the Too Faced Born This Way and the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse.  Surprisingly enough the Maybelline is my favorite of the 2 by far.


The first picture is part of my blushes. I have bought a few and received some in subscription boxes. I need to declutter because I don’t use them all. There are a couple of blushes in the 2nd picture and my bronzers and highlighters. I will never finish all these!

My powder collection is much more reasonable. Powder isn’t flashy so I don’t collect it like I do blushes and highlighters. Most of my BB and CC creams are samples from subscription boxes. I generally prefer more coverage than you get with BB and CC creams. I like to use them on vacation because it adds extra SPF and I don’t wear as much makeup in the heat and humidity.


This is the rest of my blushes. Some pictures are duplicates but it shows how many I do have. They take up so much room and blush lasts forever! Until about 3 years ago I only had 1 blush and 1 foundation at a time. I also didn’t use lip products at all. Check out that stash of lipstick. And that is after Lipstick Declutter Round 1!


Finally is my eyeshadow collection. I don’t know what happened here! Well, part of it is that Boxycharm has eye palettes a lot. And then I have bought a lot too. I have too many singles and I don’t even use them. A declutter is way overdue.

This Instagram challenge was an eye-opener for me. I am honestly appalled at how much stuff I have! I really am a hoarder. I am trying to watch my buying so I can try to gain some control over this out of control stash!

Do you hoard beauty products? Which ones? Do you have any tips on how to stop buying stuff I don’t need??

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6 thoughts on “Confessions of a Hoarder

  1. It really is helpful to see everything laid out like that and do an inventory count, isn’t it?
    Social media / blogs are such a big factor in FOMO… I do think lots of people are getting wiser to the influences though (I hope!) One recommendation I can make it to lessen exposure to social media since most are basically advertisements.
    My stash is notorious by now and I’m working hard to get rid of things I don’t use anymore. And NOT buying more! 🙂

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